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Handicrafts Bring Food for Artisan in Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PADRECOCHA, PERU – Luana is a wife, mother, artist, and the owner of a small business in Peru. She, her husband, and 6 kids live together in a small home in the Riverside community of Padrecocha. Launa is a talented ceramics artist who singlehandedly supports her large family through her handiwork and unique microenterprise. Her specialty is creating pieces in the style of the Amazonian Kukama tribe.

Supplies And Training For Luana

Luana’s talent is incredible and her love and passion for the art form is evident, and she takes pride in creating beautiful pieces to sell from her small business in Peru. However, Luana struggled to afford the tools and supplies needed to continue supporting her family through her business. And when the supplies ran out, the family came on tough times. “My children asked for food, ‘Mom, can I please have some milk?’ I had nothing to give them.” Luana told Operation Blessing staff. “I told myself, ‘God will provide soon.'” And thanks to you, Luana’s prayers were answered.

Your generosity funded a hands-on art class which taught artists like Luana advanced ceramics techniques. Luana worked hard at her class, and learned new designs which would help her advance her skills. But still, she couldn’t afford the supplies she needed. So when Operation Blessing noticed her problem, we stepped in to help. Thanks to you, Luana was given a large gift of the supplies she needed to take her business to the next level. Now, Luana supports her family without worrying about running out of supplies.

“All of these tools will allow me to bring food to my family, and to sell even better products!” the artist said gratefully. This is all thanks to your faithful kindness. Because of you, Operation Blessing’s microenterprise programs put food in the hands of hungry families around the world. Click here to learn more about Operation Blessing’s Hunger Relief programs. Thank you!

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