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Sports Program – For the Love of the Game

Field Report by David Burbach

KENYA – Brothers Andrew and Emmanuel, 12 and 13, have a lot in common. They both enjoy studying math and love playing soccer. Their mother, Grace, is raising the boys by herself. She works hard selling sweets and ice cream in their Kenyan community to support her family.

A Sports Program Blesses Kenyan Kids

Thanks to faithful friends like you, both Andrew and Emmanuel have the opportunity to participate in Operation Blessing’s Inuka Sports Program. The program aims to keep kids off the streets. It helps give children like Andrew and Emmanuel the chance to play the sports they love. Through it, kids flourish in academics and character. They also get the food they need to grow healthy and strong.

Emmanuel has special needs and has struggled academically and socially. At Inuka, he’s found help in both areas. He especially likes the uniform he gets to wear. He said, “I am glad that Operation Blessing has provided playing kits for us… I also appreciate that we are given time to concentrate on our studies and also to go to church on Sundays.” His brother Andrew agrees, commenting, “I love how the coaches train and treat us. Also that we are allowed time for education.”

Growing in Health and Character

For their mother, Grace, the program means more than just sports. “I would like to thank Operation Blessing…for the meals they provide after training,” she said. “On those days, I am guaranteed that my children will have supper and will not go to sleep hungry.”

Not only does Grace appreciate the nutritious food they receive, but she’s also noticed that her sons’ behavior improved. “Since my children joined the program their discipline has been good. Before, I would hear of cases in which they had misbehaved. They have also improved academically. The program has helped Emmanuel belong since he doesn’t do well in class. Inuka has given him a platform to showcase his skills and also engage with other children.”

Through innovative programs like Inuka, faithful friends like you are making an incredible impact on the lives of children like Andrew and Emmanuel in Kenya, and so many others around the world. Thank you for your kindness and compassion!

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