Rosa smiles as she stands in her store, knowing it will help support her daughters’ dreams.

Supporting Her Daughters’ Dreams

Rosa smiles as she stands in her store, knowing it will help support her daughters’ dreams.

PERU – For some mothers, the dreams they have for their children are elaborate, but Rosa’s was simple—she wanted her little girls to have the education she never could.

“My daughters have many dreams and goals to fulfill, and I want to help them,” she said.

It was a struggle for Rosa. Fourteen years ago, the girls’ father abandoned the family, leaving her to raise 4-year-old Luz and baby Maria on her own. Ever since, Rosa has taken whatever odd jobs she could to try to support them.

As her children pursued the education she could never have, Rosa worked in an early stimulation program for young children during the week and spent her weekends working in a restaurant kitchen. It still wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

Also, Rosa is not healthy. A year ago she was diagnosed with kidney stones, but she could not afford the medication she needed. Rosa pushed herself to continue working, but found she had to work harder to accomplish the same number of tasks.

Rosa stands in front of her store, gifted to her by Operation Blessing.

Operation Blessing met this single mother thanks to an OB Peru community health worker who lives in Rosa’s neighborhood. It was clear that this hardworking mother needed a hand up.

OB Peru helped Rosa start her own business—a general store that she can run out of her home. Through this microenterprise, Rosa can earn the income she needs to support her family, but also to purchase her medication.

One of Rosa’s daughters helps in the store.

“Thanks to the support provided by Operation Blessing with this business at home, I can support my daughters’ studies, and give them what they deserve,” Rosa said. “From Heaven this blessing has fallen, and I am grateful.”


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