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Stories from Hurricane Eta: “That Water Was Like The Devil”

Field Report by Operation Blessing

NORTHERN HONDURAS – Listen as Hurricane Eta survivors tell their stories from the storm. On November 5th, Hurricane Eta struck Honduras with devastating force, the 29th named storm of the active 2020 Hurricane Season. The storm caused major flooding in country, hitting the northern area particularly hard. Because the floodwaters rose so quickly, thousands of families were forced to leave behind precious possessions. “In 7 to 8 minutes, the water was up to our necks,” said one Hurricane Eta survivor. “We were completely unprepared. Everything flooded so quickly. I thank God we were even alive.”

One older gentleman was hard at work building a hut when the floods began. “The flood started at 4 in the afternoon,” he said. “If this had happened at night, we would be dead. That water was like the devil coming for us.” Hurricane Eta’s floods have left thousands of homes completely destroyed, and thick mud is everywhere. The people of Honduras are in desperate need of help.

You have the power to bring help to the survivors of Hurricane Eta. Because of you, Operation Blessing Honduras is on the ground assessing the situation and preparing to provide disaster relief. Your support allows us to provide hygiene kits, cleaning supplies, and critical medical care during this time of crisis. Click here to get involved and to show your heart for victims of disaster. To learn more about Operation Blessing’s disaster relief efforts, click here. Thank you for keeping Honduras in your prayers.

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