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Relief for Small Feet

Field Report by David Burbach

GUATEMALA – The roads were long and the days hot for little Fernanda. At just 3 years old, she struggled to keep up with her mother, Candy, and grandmother, Debora, as they walked for hours each day to sell newspapers in the Central American heat. With no one else to care for her and no other way to support themselves, Candy and Debora needed to take young Fernanda with them.

For a while, Fernanda had a stroller to ride in, but when it broke Candy and Deborah couldn’t buy a new one. “There is no other person who can take care of my daughter,” Candy said. “We used to have a carriage, but it stopped working. We did not have the money for a new one.” Fernanda was forced to try to keep up on foot.

She would often cry from the heat and exhaustion, but she had no choice but to go on. “It broke our hearts,” Deborah said. “I asked for God’s blessing so I could help my granddaughter.”

Medicine for Fernanda.

God’s blessing came when Operation Blessing’s generous partners gave them a brand new stroller for Fernanda. Not only that, when Fernanda became ill, your support provided the medicine she needed to heal. Candy and Deborah also received an assistance grant, including food and toiletries.

“God sends His angels at the right time, so you came into our lives,” Candy said. “We are very grateful.” Deborah echoed, “Thank you Operation Blessing, we did not have the money to buy a new stroller or medicine, you have blessed us in a big way.”

Now, thanks to Operation Blessing supporters like you, Fernanda is healthy and well. And she has her new, comfortable stroller to ride in. Thank you for your compassionate heart to help children like Fernanda.

Fernanda reads Blessings magazine in her new stroller.

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