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Filling Empty Stomachs with Hope

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

TEXAS – Juanita has always been a caretaker. Many years ago, she became a single mom of a struggling family in Texas, raising her children alone. She persevered through the years of caring for her family by herself. As time went on, Juanita found herself caring for many of her grandchildren as well.  

A New Generation for Family in Texas

“I love my grandkids,” Juanita said, “and I wanted to keep our family together. They were in a situation where I had to step in and take care of them, so I did.” 

With years of experience as a selfless matriarch under her belt, Juanita faced this new season with grace. Several more years passed before she met Tim at church. Tim courted Juanita and soon the two got married.  


He lovingly claims Juanita’s family as his own, cherishing the ways they have richly blessed his life. “My grandkids are a Godsend,” Tim explained. “They have helped me grow in my faith and grow as a man. I grew up in foster care, and I didn’t have a family. They’re everything to me.” 

Family Still Struggling

Tim and Juanita have poured love and care into their grandchildren, including Jaden. He recently came to stay with them and has Down syndrome. Their granddaughter, Niyah, treasures their relationship. “When I talk about my grandparents, I take them as my real parents,” Niyah said. “They showed me they love me because they never gave up.” 

But more hardship came their way. Despite being a dual-income household, Tim and Juanita struggled to pay the bills and provide for the five children still under their care. Some days their refrigerator and cupboards sat completely bare. “That’s frustrating when you have a family,” Juanita said. “You feel like a failure.” 

But thanks to you, Juanita’s miracle lay just around the corner! 

Help for Multi-Generational Texas Family

Tim and Juanita heard that their church, Dayspring, had partnered with Operation Blessing’s local Food to Freedom program. They began receiving groceries on a regular basis and were instantly relieved. 


“It has been such a blessing,” Tim explained through tears. “It put a smile on my wife’s face when she would go to cook the food that we had. God has been good to us through Operation Blessing.” 

Tim has since started a new job that helped them get firmer footing. He and Juanita no longer struggle with finances and hunger. But that recent miracle in their darkest hour will live in their hearts. “Right when I wanted to give up,” Tim said, “you were there.” 

Thank you for your heart to provide food for a struggling family in Texas as well as all over the world! 

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