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Receiving with a Grateful Heart

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

VIRGINIA — When it rains it pours. And Anitra is a single woman who has walked through a flood lately. A flood that intensified as she began struggling through the COVID-19 crisis.  

She had spent years working as a home healthcare worker, devoted to keeping others safe and healthy. But one day, her own health began to decline. Out of nowhere, Anitra’s blood pressure drastically dropped. It fell to a life-threatening level, and she suddenly found herself critically ill. A two-week fight in the ICU turned into a two-month recovery at home.  “I think I was working too much,” Anitra said. “I was focused on taking care of others but not myself.” 

struggling with covid-19 crisis

Struggling Through the Crisis 

Anitra was not out of the woods yet, though. As she began to regain her strength, COVID-19 hit the United States. And her world was rocked again. Now she became one of millions struggling through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Anitra’s condition puts her at high risk of complications from illnesses like COVID-19. So she made the hard decision to protect her health and stay home.  After two months of not working during her recovery, Anitra was already financially strained. She began searching for local resources to sustain her through the coronavirus crisis. 

That’s when she heard about Grace Bible Church in Virginia—an Operation Blessing distribution partner—on the radio. She felt as if her spirit had led her there. Thanks in part to your generosity, Anitra was provided with the resources to meet her desperate need! Volunteers packed Anitra’s car with boxes full of food and supplies.  

Thank you for your heart to see the most vulnerable cared for in these uncertain times. Anitra can now focus on her health instead of worrying where her next meal will come from.  Anitra said, “I think you are awesome, amazing, and God-sent. And I hope that you are blessed for the rest of your life! Continue to do what you do.” 

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