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Super Typhoon Goni Strikes Philippines

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Super typhoon Goni devastated the Philippines, taking lives and destroying landscapes. Comparable to a category 5 hurricane in terms of strength and size, Goni goes down as one of the strongest storms in this region in recent years. This cluster of Pacific islands have been blasted by three typhoons in the span of just two weeks, severely damaging property and livelihood. Farmers in southern Luzon have been some of the most effected, watching as their crops were washed out and their rice fields turned into a sea of flood waters.

But thanks to our generous partners, Operation Blessing teams began to mobilize even before the typhoon struck. Operation Blessing in the Philippines laid the groundwork for the relief effort before the winds had subsided, reaching out to people in the path of the typhoon! Your love provided bags of food, hygiene products, and other relief supplies to those devastated by super typhoon Goni. The victims in the Philippines were amazed at how quickly Operation Blessing responded, rejoicing in the immediate relief amidst such a tragic event. Thank you for your generous heart that comforts and supports these vulnerable typhoon victims! Become a partner with Operation Blessing and help support relief efforts for powerful storms like Super Typhoon Goni.

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