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From Hunger to Hope

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

VIRGINIA – Frieda and her husband, Sammy, both retired from their jobs after decades of hard work. Although they now reside in southern Virginia , Frieda was previously employed as a restaurant manager and Sammy as an electrician in Washington D.C. 

Since retiring, Frieda and Sammy’s budget has been tight. They live off of social security checks and often find themselves struggling to make ends meet, a common precursor to food insecurity. They have to decide between paying bills and buying groceries.  

Then a neighbor told Frieda about Operation Blessing partner House of Blessing. Frieda decided to attend one of their food distributions and was overwhelmed by the amount of aid they provided.  

“The groceries help a lot,” Frieda said. “They supplement my grocery bill.” 

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Your Generosity Helps Supply Food Pantries 

House of Blessing is one of dozens of food banks that partners with Operation Blessing’s Hunger Strike Force. Thanks to partners like you, Operation Blessing deploys trucks all over the country, loaded with pallets of non-perishable items. In some areas, like Freida’s community, you are even helping to provide fresh foods. Your gift is changing lives every single day by supplying food pantries and grocery distributions across America.  

When Frieda visits House of Blessing, she receives groceries to supplement her and Sammy until her next visit, even meat, milk, produce, and canned goods. Frieda especially appreciates the dairy items. It is only thanks to YOU that Operation Blessing can provide these supplies to House of Blessing and other food pantries across the country! 

Frieda and Sammy, like many of their neighbors, are overwhelmingly grateful for your generosity. These groceries have helped them through the tightest months and times when they were uncertain of where their next meal would come from. Thank you for your heart to see American families, and those all over the world, provided with food for their tables .  

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