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Sending Your Love in Multiple Ways During COVID-19

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

MEXICO – Never has the world so desperately needed love and care as it has during this last year of pandemic. From your heart, you’ve continued pouring out generosity during this difficult time. You have touched many lives around the world. And you’ve been giving families support in Mexico. Three hardworking grandmothers are so thankful that you partnered with Operation Blessing to put your love into action. They in turn continued to spread that love to their families throughout this crisis.


Marcela Receives Support through Mask Making

Marcela lost her husband 20 years ago. Yet, in all that time she’s managed to provide for her family by sewing—until COVID-19 shutdowns. Suddenly, she became the only source of income for her extended family, which now includes five grandchildren!

She did her best to find work, but it was a struggle. Then you came along. With your support, Operation Blessing Mexico created a face mask project, employing Marcela and 14 other seamstresses with this microenterprise. They make reusable masks with filters for people in need and earn 2.5 times the minimum wage for their efforts. This has enabled Marcela to take good care of her family during the crisis, while also blessing others with the vital masks to protect them from the coronavirus for free.

She said, “With all of our heart, we are so grateful. We pray to God that He will continue to strengthen everyone who is helping us out.”

hunger relief and support in mexico

Food Support for Ana Maria

Meanwhile, Ana Maria typically stayed home to watch her grandchildren and take them to school while her daughter earned a living for their family. But once COVID-19 closed down their area, her daughter could only desperately search for work. Most of the time, she returned home with no money, and no food for her hungry kids.

Thankfully, because of your love and support, Operation Blessing Mexico began delivering many hot meals a day to those in need, including to Ana Maria’s family. “You’ve made our burden so much lighter,” she said, and shared that when the food arrives for her grandchildren “they jump up and down!”


Esperanza Is Blessed with Agricultural Support

Due to the pandemic, Esperanza now has three of her own children and three grandchildren living with her and her husband. However, with the extra mouths to feed, they’ve had incredible difficulty making ends meet.

Then you sent your love to Esperanza in the form of free groceries—and, along with our partner Procuenca, a garden helped them battle food insecurity! Now she can even grow her own food to feed her family thanks to your support in Mexico.

Grandmothers are a strong source of love, and so are you. Thank you for sending love to Mexico, to those here in the U.S., and all around the world during the coronavirus crisis.

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