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You Were Judith’s Beacon of Hope

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

NIGERIA – At 16 years old, Judith has already suffered a physical trauma that has significantly affected her life. While watching a protest rally as an innocent bystander, Judith began to feel weak. It wasn’t long before she realized she had been hit by a stray bullet, discharged from a gun used by police to disperse the massive crowd. This would mean surgery in Nigeria and the start of a long ordeal.

Judith was rushed to the ER with this life-threatening injury. Doctors were able to close the bullet wound in her abdomen. In addition they created a temporary colostomy—an opening for the colon in the abdomen—to allow time for those vital organs to heal. Doctors informed Judith and her mother that the opening could be closed at a later date.


No Funds For Surgery In Nigeria

But that day never came. The local government didn’t take any responsibility for her injury. Judith’s mother, Talatu, tried raising the resources for Judith’s surgery from the community. But she couldn’t come up with sufficient funds.

“No matter how hard I tried, it seemed I would not be able to come close to getting the money for my daughter’s surgery,” Talatu explained.


Judith suffered from this trauma every day. In addition to the pain, her self-esteem suffered. The colostomy caused a foul smell, making it hard for Judith to attend school or stay with other people. The teenagers future seemed grim.

Then Talatu then learned about Operation Blessing, including our Life-Changing Surgery program. When we heard her story, because of friends like you we quickly took on Judith’s case, and she was admitted to the hospital for immediate closure of her colostomy. She received the surgery in Nigeria she needed.


Thanks to your generosity, Operation Blessing provide a successful surgery for Judith. You have redeemed her story from tragedy to testimony, and today she has such a bright future ahead of her.

“Thank you, Operation Blessing!” Judith exclaimed. “God used you to help my daughter.”

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