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Thank You For An Incredible 2020 At Operation Blessing!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Regardless of these massive challenges, the generosity of our partners still made 2020 incredible. This year, we have witnessed extraordinary levels of human suffering that none of us will ever forget. From increased food insecurity, to natural disasters like Hurricane Eta, to the COVID-19 pandemic which brought the world to its knees, 2020 brought many difficulties.

But still, there is hope. As 2020’s challenges increased, so did the incredible giving. Here at Operation Blessing, we have seen stedfast support from you, our partners and friends! Thanks to you, Operation Blessing has had an amazing year blessing the lives of hurting families all over the world. Your generosity gave food to families affected by job loss due to the worldwide pandemic. You gave clean water to precious children in Mexico, Kenya, Peru, and beyond. Your love funded life-changing surgeries for children and adults in need. You put Operation Blessing volunteers on the ground after natural disasters like Hurricane Sally and Hurricane Laura struck.You turned 2020 from a year of struggle into a year of great kindness.

Thanks to you, Operation Blessing was able to continue our relief programs all over the world! But in addition to that, you gave Operation Blessing the opportunity to respond in new and innovative ways to the needs of the hurting. Because of you, Operation Blessing provided hand-washing stations to keep families safe from the COVID-19 virus. You gave gallon after gallon of virus-fighting cleaning solution to hospitals, families, and front-line workers. And your support put protective masks into the hands of healthcare workers when supplies had dried up.

We are in awe of your astounding generosity. Thanks to you, Operation Blessing was able to go above and beyond in providing relief to families in need. We can’t thank you enough for the way you rallied together this year. Together, we conquered a year nobody saw coming. And together, we will be there to tackle whatever the years to come bring! To come alongside Operation Blessing in our efforts, please visit

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