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Thanksgiving Overflows Because You Care

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

VIRGINIA – Kyndle has seen her weary single mother struggle. But she has never seen her give up. As the youngest of five siblings, Kyndle has a strong support system at home. Even though her mom, Karla, has raised her children alone, she’s always done her best. “It builds character,” Karla said about being a single mother facing food insecurity.

Karla worked as a PCA nurse to support her family. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, she began to worry about contracting the virus at work. Karla made the difficult decision that the risk was too dangerous for her family, and she left her job.  


She quickly found a new position as a cashier at a local convenience store. While Karla was grateful for the income, it often fell short of covering all the expenses for her family. Bills still needed to be paid and hungry mouths still needed to be fed.    

Before long, Karla began to feel the strain. “I’m behind on the light bill and the water bill,” Karla explained. “It’s a struggle, but I just pray.”  

Kyndle knew her mom was stressed. But she also saw her lean on God in this tough season. 

Local Food Distributions For The Community

One day Karla saw a Facebook video where a local pastor announced that his church would host food distributions for the community. With food supplied through the help of Operation Blessing friends like you, Victorious Living Church of God in Christ sought to bless the Norfolk, Virginia, community.   

“I saw the video and said, ‘I’m coming!’” Karla explained.  

Twice a month, the church distributes food from Operation Blessing to those in need to provide hunger relief. For the past two years, Pastor Nathan Butler and his congregation have blessed the community with critically needed food and other resources.   


“There are families that have been greatly impacted,” Pastor Butler said. “It’s fabulous. It tugs at my heartstrings. We have been a great impact to the community, and we thank God for Operation Blessing.”  

Kyndle accompanied her mom to the local food distribution. What they found changed their lives! Because of generous friends like you, Kyndle and Karla were met with hope. They were greeted by warm and friendly volunteers who were excited to help this family.   

Hunger Relief For Karla And Kyndle

Kyndle watched as they embraced her mom with kindness and some of her burden was alleviated. She gratefully saw their car loaded with meat, groceries, and shelf-stable items. Karla can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing she doesn’t have to worry about how she will feed her children.  

“We’re going to eat!” Karla said excitedly. “And I’m not going to be struggling and worrying. It’s going to fill my kids up!”  

Thank you for your heart to see Kyndle, her brothers and sisters, and their mom cared for in this challenging season. Your kindness was felt through every bag of food unloaded into their home.  

Karla said, “The only thing you can say is thank you. And keep being a blessing!”  


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