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Groceries For Maria in Mexico!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Maria lives on a small piece of land in Mexico. She cares for her husband, Sergio, and her two-year old son, Adair. Sergio used to easily find work six days a week, but since COVID-19 hit their country he has been out of work for months, as have many unemployed in Mexico. He is lucky to find jobs one or two times per week, a situation that threatens his family with hunger on a daily basis. This has caused serious strain on their family. Maria is forced to watch her son go to bed hungry each night. She often goes without food herself so that he can eat. Sergio and Maria were beginning to feel hopeless.

But, thanks to your immense kindness, Operation Blessing was able to respond to Maria’s situation! Your generosity provided bags of groceries and other critical supplies that Operation Blessing teams delivered directly to her front door. Your love will spread far beyond a single gift, as the food nourishes Maria and her family for the difficult days ahead, keeping her from the hunger that accompanies food insecurity. To learn more about helping struggling families in need or dealing with hunger issues, visit our COVID-19 page.

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