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Industrious Woman Gets Help in Hard Times 

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

NORTH CAROLINA – “We have to let you go.” These are words Joanne never wanted to hear. The industrious North Carolina native has never shied away from hard work. Now unemployed in North Carolina, her fate is that of many Americans. In her small town of Ahoskie, she worked two jobs. But when COVID-19 hit, Joanne’s world was turned upside down. Regardless of her commitment to hard work, She lost both of her jobs, including one she’d held for over seven years. 

“I’ve been looking online, filling out applications, and filing for unemployment,” Joanne said. “And hoping and praying.”  

While Joanne diligently looks for a new employment opportunity, her finances have gotten very tight. “I just had to make adjustments in every area of my life,” Joanne said. “There was nothing to be splurging on at all. Some days I can get sad and depressed, but I have to count my blessings.” 

Then your love walked into her life at just the right time! Joanne heard of Empowerment Temple, an Operation Blessing Food to Freedom partner in her town. Empowerment Temple receives truckloads of groceries every month to distribute throughout their community to help with hunger relief and prevent food insecurity. And you help make that happen!   

A Food Pantry For The Hungry And Unemployed In North Carolina

Ministry Director David Robertson explained how the coronavirus pandemic has affected distributions in their community. “COVID-19 came in last year and people were out of work and unemployed,” he said. “We had a rapid increase in need. We called the Operation Blessing staff, and they started giving us food every week. Instead of having our food pantry once a month, we started having it four times a month. So it was such a blessing to help people during this traumatizing time. Such a blessing!”  

Your compassion shined through when Joanne visited Empowerment Temple to receive the groceries needed to help sustain her through this season of her life while being unemployed in North Carolina. She was overjoyed with the blessing of ample food, which alleviates the burden on her shoulders. Thank you for your continued support of Joanne, her neighbors, and all of those impacted by COVID-19.  

Joanne said, “Thanks, thanks, thanks, and more thanks! What you all do makes a great difference and it is a blessing—the true meaning of the word blessing!”   


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