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Blessing Vulnerable Women and Children in Uganda

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

UGANDA – Friends of Operation Blessing are moving mountains in the lives of women and children that find refuge with our partner, Abide Family Center in Uganda. The halls of the Abide have seen the sick, frail, and forgotten. When vulnerable women and children arrive at Abide, they are weary and desperate. But you are making a huge difference in their lives. 

Providing nutritional, medical, and emotional support to women, mothers, and children who are in dire need of care, Operation Blessing partners with Abide to foster daily miracles with your support. One of the core pillars of this program is seeing health restored to the sick, like Praise and her mother Betty.  

Betty received medical care and career training

At the advice of her pastor, Betty, joined the Abide Family Center in pursuit of a better life for her and her 8-month-old daughter. She became part of the Empowerment Program for economic education. But Betty and Praise’s health raised serious concerns.  

A staff nurse supporter by Operation Blessing deemed them both malnourished. Betty’s husband could not work due to an injury and food was scarce. Praise was fussy and uncomfortable all the time. A visit to the local hospital revealed she was fighting a cold, malaria, anemia, and dermatitis.  

Praise receiving medical care

Because of the love and compassion of friends like you, Praise was given the medicine she needed to recover! She is now feeling healthy and growing in strength every day thanks your support providing for her nutritional needs. Meanwhile her mother is receiving meals and medical care and is learning to provide for her family for a better future. 

Thank you for your heart to see vulnerable women and children lifted high when life has brought them low. Your generosity can change lives like Praise and Betty’s every day. Thank you! 

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