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Water for a Widow

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERULucasa has been shaped by the earth. At 71 years old, she’s spent her life in the Sales Grande community of Peru, tucked quietly in the arid mountains 4,000 feet above sea level. The Condoriri District is named for its vast landscape and nearby pools of saltwater, to which Lucasa has devoted her life’s work. But lately, she has found herself facing a water shortage.

She and her husband would spend their days letting their sheep graze the fields, while they collected salt to trade for income or supplies for the animals. But a few years back, Lucasa endured the unfortunate passing of her husband. While this did not stop her, it did slow her down.

Water shortage

A Dry Well And A Water Shortage

“There was a well that my husband had dug some time ago that we used, but it didn’t last long and dried out,” Lucasa said. “After he passed, I had to go look for other sources myself.”

Lucasa’s old age, decreasing vision, and need for a walking stick all take their toll on her body. Despite her fierce independence, Lucasa desperately needed help getting the most basic of human needs—water. Now a water shortage threatened her livelihood and well being.

When Operation Blessing heard of her suffering, YOU made it possible for our staff to develop a water project for her community. The system is designed to draw from reliably clean springs, using gravity to funnel the water through natural filters, right nearby the doors of their houses.

Lucasa’s life has been transformed by your gift! Exhausting and dangerous trips to fetch water no longer burden her daily routine, as her water shortage is a thing of the past. Thank you for your generosity to see this elderly widow cared for, as well as everyone else in the Sales Grande community.

“I have always lived here and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” Lucasa said. “Thank you so much, and thank You God for this blessing!”

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