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“We Are In A Forgotten Area” – Fighting COVID-19 In Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Droni and Melva stayed hopeful when fighting COVID-19 first began in Peru. They thought the quarantine mandates would only be in place for a few weeks and they could eventually resume normal life.

However, that wasn’t the case. Droni and Melva watched as their local and national governments extended the stay-at-home orders. They lost their jobs and quickly saw their savings disappear.

The Cost Of Fighting COVID-19 In Peru

Droni and Melva grew very worried. They would often go many days without meals or even a single penny to their name. They’d run out of options and out of hope fighting COVID-19 in Peru.

But your love arrived right on time! Because of you, Operation Blessing teams were dispatched to homes around Peru to deliver bags of blessings to families in need. Your gift made it possible for OB team members to provide packages full of rice, beans, pasta, oil, and soap directly to Droni and Melva’s door. Thank you for your heart to see families cared for while they are struggling against COVID-19 in Peru during these desperate times! 

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