Widowed In Senegal: Ernestine’s Story

Ernestine Sagna was a happy mother of 8 children living in Dakar, Senegal when disaster struck. In 1998 her husband suddenly became ill and within a month the mysterious disease had taken his life. Left to raise a family on her own Ernestine struggled with no income for her first year, relying on the kindness and assistance of friends and neighbors. She eventually began making and selling herbal soaps, but the business was tedious and yielded little profit. When Operation Blessing heard about Ernestine’s situation we knew we had to help. Ernestine told us that long ago she was a successful seamstress but now lacked the capital to buy the equipment necessary to start her own business. Operation Blessing purchased machines and materials that will allow Ernestine to not only make and mend clothes, but also teach others women in her community the trade.


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