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Worldwide Pandemic Relief at a Glance

Field Report by Operation Blessing

All around the world, Operation Blessing friends like you are providing pandemic relief during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out these amazing photos that show the humanitarian aid you’ve given at a quick glance.

So many face hunger and joblessness due to shutdowns and quarantines. Meanwhile government and medical agencies struggle to find medical protective gear and disinfecting supplies.

But YOU are sending help to those in desperate need. In countries like Myanmar, you sent food to families on their last cup of rice. In Thailand you gave supplies to make masks. In the Philippines, you helped medical workers and gave food. In Mexico and Guatemala you provided groceries and much needed supplies to single mothers and other hurting people.

In Peru and much of Latin America, you provided chlorine to disinfect public areas. In Kenya you offered food and hand washing stations. Here in the US you provided much needed groceries and supplies, as desperate people lined up in their cars for miles, and made it possible for volunteers to deliver supplies to those at high risk.

And that’s just the beginning! You’re faithful support has made a huge difference during this difficult season. As people faced so much uncertainty, your generous giving and pandemic relief offered encouragement and hope.

Give now to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

See all the latest on how YOU make a difference during coronavirus.

Read a thorough report on our COVID-19 relief.

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