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You Gave Food to a Single Mother in Costa Rica!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

SARAPIQUI, Costa Rica – You gave food to a struggling single mother in Costa Rica. All over the world, the COVID-19 shutdowns are affecting multitudes of people. Many have suddenly found themselves without any source of income. Single mother Jendry used to work as a caretaker for an elderly man, but COVID-19 tore her job away from her. Because of this, Jendry was forced to look for other means of earning money. But as the sole caretaker of her 2-year-old son, Jendry’s options were limited.

Jendry made the best of her skills by baking homemade bread. She tried to bake a variety of flavors, including pineapple jam and chiverre, a Costa Rican name for squash. But going out to sell her goods brought with it the risk of contracting COVID-19. “It worries me a lot to go outside, and even more when I have to bring my son” Jendry told us, “I wash my hands and change my clothes as soon as I get home, to prevent the contagion. May God not allow that to happen.” Even with this temporary source of income, Jendry was struggling to provide for her son. Jendry had to make do with the absolute bare minimum just to get by. “I only buy the basics, like diapers, milk, and a little food,” she told us. “That’s the only way we can survive.”

Feeding A Struggling Single Mother

But thankfully, you provided hope for Jendry and her son. Through your generosity, OB staff in Costa Rica prepared packages full of food, which they distributed in Jendry’s community. These food packages contained vital groceries which will feed Jendry and her son. Jendry was overcome with gratefulness for the gift you showed her. “Sometimes we pray, for example, I pray with my son. Sometimes we pray and God hears us. He really hears us. I’d think to myself ‘what a difficult situation.’ But God provided,” she said, wiping tears from her face.

Thank you for faithfully providing for those in need, like a struggling single mother in Costa Rica named Jendry. Your generosity is feeding thousands of hungry mouths all over the world. To learn more about Operation Blessing’s hunger relief programs, click here. Thank you for your support.

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