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A New Smile Brings Hope

Field Report by Kevyn Barnes

CHINA – Ziwen has already faced many struggles in his young life. The 4-year-old was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate in China. The condition caused him to easily choke on milk and water. Because of this, he grew slowly, compared to other children his age. 

While his parents were surprised at his condition when he was born, they didn’t know much about it. However, after learning more about Ziwen’s cleft lip and cleft palate, they realized it could be repaired and started to make arrangements for surgery. 

Eventually, little Ziwen received cleft lip surgery, but it was unsuccessful because he became infected with scarlet fever days after the procedure. Unfortunately, he would need to have the surgery again. 

Ziwen’s parents had already struggled financially to pay for Ziwen’s original surgery. His father works hard at a construction job, but receives only a small income in return. It wasn’t possible for the family to come up with more money to pay for Ziwen’s new medical procedure. 

As Ziwen grew, it become more necessary for the corrective surgery to take place as soon as possible. That’s when faithful Operation Blessing partners stepped in to meet the family’s need. When Operation Blessing heard Ziwen’s story, we shared his need in a crowd-funding campaign. Friends like you showed up for Ziwen! You made sure he received the surgery and care he so desperately needed to repair his cleft lip and palate in China. 


Healed From Cleft Lip & Palate

Now, Ziwen has a bright new smile and can grow up healthy and strong. His family is grateful for the help provided by Operation Blessing and for the faithful support of partners like you. 

“Thank you for helping my son,” Ziwen’s father exclaimed. “I am so grateful. Thank you to the generous donors.”

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