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A mission you can believe in. A charity you can trust.

our mission

Operation Blessing and our partners are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.

what we do

our stories

  • Operation Blessing Aids Refugee House in Poland

    POLAND – Imagine having to flee your home and travel to a place you’ve never been. The peace you once knew with the family you love is suddenly upended by the horrors of war. Now you must do everything you can to get to safety. What will you do? Where will you go? These are Read More…

  • You Are Winning The Battle With Hunger For A Father In Peru

    PERU – Carving wood is a passion of Wilson’s. Growing up along a river in Peru, he has memories of seeing his uncles craft a variety of items from balsa wood. Wilson continued the family trade and learned to make canoes and boats for a living. Now a husband and a father in Peru to Read More…

  • Clean Water And Hope In Kenya

    KENYA – For years, residents in the village of Gongo, like young Ashley and Anna, lived without access to a clean water source. The lack of this precious resource made life especially difficult. Villagers did what they could to survive. Many had to either drink water from dirty wells or walk over three miles to Read More…

  • Burn Victim Set Free by Your Kindness

    INDIA – Dulari was peacefully cooking a meal for her family when suddenly, her life turned upside down. The unthinkable happened. In a freak accident, the edge of her beautiful sari caught on fire. Dulari’s husband heard her screams and put out the fire as soon as he could, but the damage was already done. Read More…