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A mission you can believe in. A charity you can trust.

our mission

Operation Blessing and our partners are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.

what we do

our stories

  • You Respond with Compassion to Deadly Tornadoes

    KENTUCKY – In one of the deadliest natural disasters to strike our nation in a long time, a string of powerful tornadoes swept through the Midwest in December. Nearly 100 precious souls, ranging in age from 2 months to 98 years, lost their lives due to the horrific storms. At least six states suffered damage, Read More…

  • Singing Praises for Food in Kenya

    TUBCHA VILLAGE, KENYA — Tubcha Village is withering away. The small community in the Marsabit area of Kenya is experiencing a devastating drought. As a livestock town, most families raise and sell goats and camels for their primary source of income. But due to the drought in Northern Kenya, livestock are sadly perishing by the Read More…

  • Clean Water for Struggling Community  in Mexico

    MEXICO – Every day, 14-year-old Maria made a treacherous trek to find water with her mother and sisters. They live in San José el Paraíso, a small community of just 13 families in southern Mexico. The nearest source of water was over half a mile away, which meant a difficult journey by foot for young Maria and her Read More…

  • Burn Victim Set Free by Your Kindness

    INDIA – Dulari was peacefully cooking a meal for her family when suddenly, her life turned upside down. The unthinkable happened. In a freak accident, the edge of her beautiful sari caught on fire. Dulari’s husband heard her screams and put out the fire as soon as he could, but the damage was already done. Read More…