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A mission you can believe in. A charity you can trust.

our mission

Operation Blessing and our partners are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.

what we do

our stories

  • Filling Empty Stomachs with Hope

    TEXAS – Juanita has always been a caretaker. Many years ago, she became a single mom of a struggling family in Texas, raising her children alone. She persevered through the years of caring for her family by herself. As time went on, Juanita found herself caring for many of her grandchildren as well.   A New Generation for Family Read More…

  • Hope For Agnes After Tragedy Strikes

    UKASI VILLAGE, KENYA – Agnes and her husband Joseph lived together with their children in Kenya. Agnes’s life would soon be inexorably changed. A change that would take her from sorrow to a successful microenterprise in Kenya. Expecting her third child, Agnes cared for the children while Joseph worked in town. But then an unimaginable Read More…

  • A Big Blessing for Villagers in Cambodia

    CAMBODIA – Hours from the nearest city, the village of Trapeang Kha is like so many others in developing nations around the globe. The village is rich in beauty, but does not have the resources it needs to meet the needs of the people living there. Struggling farmers, hardworking fishermen, and unskilled laborers comprise this Read More…

  • You Renewed Hope for Gaby in Peru

    PERU – Meet Gaby, a happy 3-year-old living in the highlands of Peru. Then one day she started having symptoms that concerned her mother, Priscila.  “My daughter was feeling bad for almost three days,” Priscila explained. “She was in a bad mood, had a dry cough, and had been running a fever for two days. I Read More…