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A mission you can believe in. A charity you can trust.

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Operation Blessing and our partners are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.

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  • Giving Earthquake Survivors Hope

    TURKEY – Cries rang through the night, mingled with the ominous rumbling and cracking of concrete. Salim was jarred awake as his home shook violently, and he scrambled to collect his four young kids. “My children started crying and screaming, and they were very scared. I had a hard time keeping them close to me, Read More…

  • One Year Anniversary of the Ukraine Invasion

    UKRAINE – As the one year anniversary of the Ukraine invasion by Russian forces arrives, we remember somberly the struggles and resilience of the Ukrainian people who pray and hope for an end to the conflict. It is painful to think back to the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine a year ago. Read More…

  • Destiny’s Future Is As Bright As Her Smile

    NIGERIA – Since before she was born, Destiny’s future has been uncertain. Her life was threatened first by the fire that injured her pregnant mother, Rose, and then by the cleft lip she had since birth. This baby girl from Nigeria and her parents live on very little income. She desperately needed cleft lip surgery, Read More…

  • Give Clean Water to Yargüera This World Water Day!

    HONDURAS – Clean water access is precious, and people around the world without it are suffering daily—but they don’t have to. Thankfully, since 1993, the world has taken a day each year to unite around clean water as one of our greatest common needs. This World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the Read More…