You Provided Hunger Relief for Flood Victims

BRAZIL – As waters are receding in the flooded neighborhoods of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, families are just beginning their long journey of recovery—a journey marked with challenges and food scarcity. As families return to decimated neighborhoods and homes, your commitment to providing hunger relief for flood victims means so much.

Local mother Ana has returned to her home with her family after spending weeks in a shelter. Like so many others, her concerns immediately turned to how she would feed her family. She told us, “I had to trash a lot of things, including everything I had left in the fridge. What little things I had were taken out of the house.”

helping hungry flood victims in Brazil

Food Boxes Help Provide Essentials to Brazilian Flood Victims

Because of the generous support of friends like you, Operation Blessing has been packing and distributing food boxes filled with items that can sustain a family for a week. Ana said, “It helps a lot. This food box has all of the basics that will help me out a lot. My children and husband like rice and beans the most, so they can eat what they like.”

making a difference for flood survivors in Brazil

Hunger Relief for Flood Victims Is Critical

Grazi Pereira is another flood survivor in Brazil. Now, families like Grazi’s can keep up their strength as they navigate this difficult time. She said, “The donations we’re receiving right now are so important, crucial even. Your generosity ends up helping us see a little light at the end of the tunnel.”

Operation Blessing is still in Brazil hearing amazing stories like this because of your generosity. This support is so valuable because it means we can continue caring for the people surviving disaster. Grazi said, “We thank Operation Blessing so much. All the help we’ve received is important, not just for us, but all of the families in need.”

Ana said, “If I could speak to the donors, I would thank them very much. May God bless you for giving. It’s so heartwarming to receive help from people all over the world, because sometimes we can feel forgotten. So, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.” Thank you for having such a heart of generosity.

Grazie Pereira Brazil flood survivor

A Father’s Battle Against Poverty and Hunger

KENYA – As dawn flooded the outskirts of Nairobi, Wycliffe emerged from his home tired but determined. This loving father was on a mission—a mission to shield his children from a life spent in poverty and hunger. But with every temporary job he took, Wycliffe’s hope to provide for his family faded.

Wycliffe and his wife, Linda, reached out for loans and relied on the kindness of a local shop for just enough food to keep the family from starving, promising to make small payments whenever they were able.

As he was unable to pay the necessary school fees, Wycliffe’s children, Ryan (10) and Precious (6), remained at home with their mom and the baby while he looked for work each day. “It hurt me deeply to see other kids in school while mine stayed home,” Wycliffe said. “At times, I struggled to explain to them why they couldn’t stay in school consistently.”

overcoming hunger

The Cruel Impact of Poverty and Hunger

Sometimes even prayer felt hollow—drowned out by the needs of his hungry children. Needs caused by the cruel impact of poverty and hunger. Little did Wycliffe know that support was coming.

Thanks to friends like you, the tide was about to turn in his favor. You became the answer to this father’s prayers and extended a helping hand that would alter the course of this family’s life forever.

Because of your kindness, Wycliffe was given a food cart complete with charcoal, sausages, eggs, and even packing paper—everything he would need to start his own business. Your gift of a microenterprise empowered him to lift his family out of destitute poverty.

Wycliffe’s food cart proved a remarkable success, allowing him to not only provide daily meals for his little ones but also to pay back every debt owed. Your compassionate support also gave him the ability to cover the cost for his children’s return to school—where they can once again learn, play, and grow.

“I have been able to create a ripple effect of opportunities,” Wycliffe shared, brimming with optimism. “We bless the people from whom we get the charcoal, the eggs and sausages we sell, the sauces and tomato onion salad we use.”

beating poverty in Kenya

From Lack to Abundance

In fact, business is so good that Wycliffe plans to expand! Excited for what the future holds, Wycliffe said, “I am hoping to get another food cart soon and be able to have another stand at a different location. … My wife can have one of her own … and we can make double the profits to grow our family together.”

Now, as a new dawn breaks over Nairobi, Wycliffe stands tall as a provider, protector, and of course, proud papa. His battle against poverty and hunger, which once seemed lonely, silent, and endless, is being won, all thanks to your dedicated support.

“Just the name ‘Blessing’ in Operation Blessing is exactly what that was for me,” Wycliffe said gratefully. “You have been the blessing and breakthrough I so much needed and hoped for.”

Food for Flood Victims in Brazil

BRAZIL – Operation Blessing is still in Novo Hamburgo near Porto Alegre, weeks after the flood disaster struck the area. With so much of the area reeling from catastrophic floods, many families are dependent on your generosity. Providing food for flood victims still remains a critical task to help displaced families.

Franciele, mother of three, and flood victim, shared her experience. “Because of the rain, we didn’t sleep for three nights. Then the police and town guards came to tell us we had to leave our home. We took our son with only the clothes on our back and left.” She continued, “We haven’t gone back because our house is full of water, so that’s why we’re at the shelter today.”

providing flood relief in Brazil

Helping Families Who Have Lost Everything

Families lost everything, even hope. But with your consistent support, Operation Blessing is committed to be there as a ray of hope in the name of Jesus. Likewise, we are partnering with the local church. Pastor Lucio of Spring Lutheran Primavera Church told us, “We saw that the children and families were desperate because they had to leave their homes. So very early, we created a church team to lead the volunteers to help them.”

Providing Food for Flood Victims and More

Families were lining up for hours to receive what Operation Blessing brought them. But our team is doing much more than just providing food for flood victims. We’re distributing hygiene essentials and blankets as well. Franciele said, “The food boxes are wonderful, and the food is very good. If it weren’t for these donations and this packed food, I don’t know what we’d do.” We are here in Brazil still because of your prayers. Your support is so valuable because it means we can keep supporting the people that are suffering all over the world.

flood relief charity

Pastor Lucio shared his thanks, “Operation Blessing has helped us, and I want to thank their volunteers. I pray Operation Blessing can continue to be a great help.” He continued, “I would ask the supporters to keep going. Continue praying, and continue bringing donations for these people.” Franciele said, “I’m just grateful for everything. For the warmth and the welcome. I thank God and everyone who has done everything possible and impossible to help us.” You can support even more families when you visit today!

Kenya Cataract Surgery: Restoring Hope For Mchodey

KENYA – In the remote villages of Kenya, access to medical care is limited, and Mchodey’s world was shrouded in darkness. For more than two agonizing years. Mchodey struggled with cataracts in both eyes, blocking the light and stealing her independence. Little did she know that the gift of Kenya cataract surgery would change her life in immeasurable ways.

suffering from cataracts

A Life in Shadows: Mchodey’s Struggle

Once, Mchodey was an active member of her community. With normal eyesight, she could tend to chores and care for her family without difficulty. However, when cataracts stole her vision, her world came crashing down. Even basic tasks like fetching water or attending to livestock became insurmountable challenges. She felt helpless and isolated.

sad over lost vision

The Depths of Despair: Battling Blindness

Blindness engulfed Mchodey. Unable to navigate the world around her, she was confined to the darkness of her home, dependent upon others for even her most basic needs. Mchodey’s heart felt heavy. She had lost all hope.

A Beacon of Hope: Operation Blessing’s Intervention

Amidst Mchodey’s darkest hour, friends like you were there. Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing was able to send a dedicated medical team to her village, where we offered the gift of Kenya cataract surgery to those in need.


A Future Illuminated By Possibility

Mchodey was among the 84 individuals who received life-changing cataract surgeries, all provided by friends just like you. As the bandages were removed, she was able to see light once again. Overwhelmed with gratitude and awe, she told us, “God has indeed blessed me, His child!”

Operation Blessing pays for cataract surgery

A Journey Home After Kenya Cataract Surgery

When Mchodey returned to her village, she regained her independence and her dignity. Kenya cataract surgery changed her life.

village in Kenya

A Prayer of Gratitude: Paying It Forward

Every day, Mchodey is grateful for the precious gift of cataract surgery. She prays that God will bless those who helped her see again so that they may continue helping countless others in need of vision-saving surgeries.

Mchodey’s story is a living example of the profound impact of your kindness. Your generosity changed her life and the lives of many others in Kenay. Thank you for your partnership with Operation Blessing!

happy with new eyesight

Iowa Tornado Destruction: Greenfield Devastated by EF4 Twister

IOWA – In late May 2024, the small town of Greenfield, Iowa, faced the wrath of a catastrophic EF4 tornado. The powerful twister quickly battered the community. All that remains is a trail of debris. The scattered remnants of homes littering the ground provide a clear, yet startling, picture of the severity of the storm. In the aftermath, the community must salvage what they can and prepare to face an uncertain future.

Firsthand Account of Iowa Tornado Destruction

Local resident Patricia recounted the terrifying ordeal. “We were in the living room playing a game and we turned on the weather radio. And it said that we had a tornado warning. So, we all went to the basement. Then we heard the sirens, and then all of a sudden we lost power, and it got really dark.”

She continued, “I remember jumping and screaming. And I was so scared. I was crying. And then we came upstairs, and we saw the house, and we were just sick to our stomachs.” After the deadly storm, families were left reeling from the destruction.

Patricia said, “There were a lot of places where their houses were destroyed. People were cleaning up and just checking to see if we were okay, and we were checking to see if they were okay.”

Iowa tornado relief

Operation Blessing Responds

With the generous support of friends like you, Operation Blessing’s disaster relief team deployed to Greenfield right away and is already on the ground assessing the immediate needs of these families. Patricia said, “I’m glad that Operation Blessing came today. And I’m just so blessed.”

Supporting Iowa Tornado Recovery Efforts

Operation Blessing is committed to standing with families as they recover from this devastating Iowa tornado. With your continued support, we can help families like Patricia’s take their first steps towards rebuilding. Thank you again for your incredible kindness. Your generosity is helping people in dire need.

Iowa tornado damage

Hygiene Supply Kits Help Brazilian Flood Survivors

BRAZIL – After hearing about the horrific floods that have completely submerged cities in the southern part of Rio Grande Del Sol, Brazil, Operation Blessing has started creating hygiene supply kits. These kits are indispensable as many families have lost all of their possessions beneath the murky flood waters.

flooding hygiene supplies

Hygiene Supply Kit And Chlorine

In addition to this hygiene supply kit, we are providing chlorine that we have produced. One tragic consequence of mass flooding is the irrevocable damage it does to houses, schools, and businesses. Hundreds of thousands of homes in Brazil have been completely submerged in sewage and contaminated water. Residents will need to clean and disinfect whatever can be salvaged.

We are supplying these resources to people in the most affected communities in the south of Brazil. Here we met Rosane, an elderly woman whose home experienced much damage. She said, “The house is full of mud. Everything was destroyed. We just took clothes from the closet and put them in trash bags.” She continued, “The [OB] staff brought gloves and supplies. We worked together, and everyone helped.” While many of Rosane’s possessions are destroyed, Operation Staff and volunteers are there to lend a helping hand. 

delivering supplies to Brazilian flood victims

Your Generosity Is Helping Brazilians Recover

Because of the generosity of friends like you, Rosane and her family received cleaning materials and hygiene kits. She said, “Some of things we lost, we can’t even buy as there isn’t an open store. Everything you gave us is very important; toilet paper, soap, we need on a daily basis.” She continued, “We’re grateful for Operation Blessing, they are helping a lot of people. We need you to keep donating, because everything is useful. We have a lot to be thankful for and all help is welcome.”

helping brazil flood survivors

Thank You For Your Continued Support

With your support and with contributions, we will be able to bless even more disaster victims and offer more of these essential supplies, along with comfort, encouragement, and hope. Thank you.

Brazil flood cleanup

Brazil Flood Survivor: Rosangela’s Harrowing Escape

BRAZIL – “Do you know what it’s like to wake up into a nightmare? It was a nightmare. It couldn’t have been real.” Rosangela, a Brazil flood survivor, recounted her harrowing experience through tears. The devastating floods that ravaged parts of Brazil turned her life upside down, leaving her and countless others grappling with unimaginable loss.

Rosangela’s Fight for Survival

As the floodwaters rapidly rose, Rosangela found herself in a perilous situation. “I cannot swim, and the boat was so small, I was afraid I would die,” she recalled. In those tense moments, all she longed for was to return to her normal routine—going to work, tending to her duties, and sleeping peacefully in her own bed. But the harsh reality was that her home now lay submerged beneath the murky waters.

flood rescue in Brazil

Helping Brazil Flood Survivors: A Beacon of Hope

Amidst the chaos and despair, Operation Blessing emerged as a beacon of hope for Rosangela and countless other Brazil flood survivors. Thanks to the generosity of caring friends like you, families affected by this catastrophe are receiving critical food kits and hot meals, providing much-needed nourishment and sustenance during this challenging time.

Flood Survivors: Clinging to Strength and Resilience

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to return because my house is underwater,” Rosangela lamented. “Yesterday, the water rose again.” Yet, despite the overwhelming circumstances, she remains steadfast in her determination to persevere. “All we can do now is try to have strength, asking GOD for the strength to fight,” she said resolutely.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners…

For Rosangela and countless other flood survivors, the aid provided by Operation Blessing has been nothing short of a lifeline. “The essential things we need are food and water. I feel blessed by God to have these things,” she expressed gratefully.

We’re grateful for all of you that stand with Operation Blessing as we continue to provide vital assistance to Brazil flood survivors like Rosangela, offering not just material aid but also hope for a brighter future.

flood survivors in Brazil

Cyclone Relief in India: Restoring Hope

INDIA – In the wake of a devastating tropical cyclone in India, families like Ranajit’s and Pepia’s found their lives in disarray. The cyclone’s fury left behind a trail of destruction. It contaminated water sources and tore homes apart. It also destroyed the very means of livelihood for many, including a fishing boat shared by five families. Amidst the ruins, the desperate need for cyclone relief in India became evident.

Shared Struggles and Prayers for Relief

The shared boat symbolized the community’s collective struggle and hope. Without it, families like Ranajit’s were stranded, with no income to meet basic needs or buy food for their children. In these trying times, their faith became their solace, as they prayed for God to guide them through the crisis.

cyclone recovery efforts

Operation Blessing: A Ray of Light Amidst Despair

In response to the urgent need, Operation Blessing acted swiftly, providing vital cyclone relief in India. They supplied families with food and water filters, addressing immediate necessities and bringing a semblance of normalcy back to their lives. The water filters were particularly crucial, ensuring access to clean drinking water in the aftermath of the storm.

The Gift of Recovery: Repaired Boat, Renewed Spirits

Efforts to provide cyclone relief in India did not stop at basic needs. Understanding the importance of restoring livelihoods, Operation Blessing also focused on the cyclone recovery phase by repairing the fishing boat, thus revitalizing an essential source of income. This act of support was celebrated by Ranajit as an answered prayer, allowing five families to once again fish and earn a living.

boat repairs

A Community United in Gratitude

With the boat restored and their community in recovery, the families could once again look forward to a stable future. Pepia’s was relieved. Now she could provide for her family’s needs, a stark contrast to life immediately following the cyclone’s impact.

Your Love Touched 5 Families

Because you answered the call for help you touched the lives of five families in India. After the cycle destroyed their community and livelihood, your kindness overflowed to help them. Thank you for a heart to give and help restore lives as the hands and feet of the body of Christ!

cyclone recovery

Brazil Flood Rescue: Helping Victims Amid the Flooding

BRAZIL – Torrential rainfall has unleashed catastrophic flooding across Brazil. The result is areas of the country that are now underwater. Once bustling streets are now only reachable by boat. Homes have been demolished, and sadly, many lives have been lost. The historic deluge has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. In its wake, it has left many Brazilians without access to power, clean water, or basic necessities.

Brazil flood pet rescue

Operation Blessing’s Brazil Flood Rescue Efforts

As the floodwaters persist, Operation Blessing has mobilized its teams to provide critical relief to those affected by this disaster. Despite the ongoing dangers posed by the floods, our brave volunteers are working tirelessly to distribute essential supplies to victims.

flood damaged buildings

Reaching the Hardest-Hit Areas

“We are surrounded with houses, we are surrounded with businesses, we are surrounded with even, churches that now are completely gone,” said Daniel Castro, an Operation Blessing team member.

Our teams have ventured into the hardest-hit areas. This has involved navigating flooded streets by boat. The goal of these missions is to reach stranded survivors as part of our Brazil flood rescue efforts. In one harrowing rescue, they spotted a cat clinging to a fence, terrified and in need of help.

Pet Flood Rescue in Brazil: Saving Every Life

Without hesitation, the Operation Blessing volunteers rescued the helpless feline, providing it with a safe haven and much-needed care. As the video footage shows, our teams are committed to saving every life, human and animal alike, from the devastating impact of the floods.

“We saw this cat hanging from one of the main gates of a house,” Castro explained. “We were able to rescue it.”

Brazil flood rescue

Bringing Hope to Flood Survivors

In addition to pet rescues, Operation Blessing is distributing vital supplies to flood victims. This includes food, safe water, solar lamps, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies. Our efforts are providing hope and relief to those who have lost everything. Hope is vitally important, as members of the community can only watch in isolation as their homes and businesses languish under a lake of water.

A Call to Action: Support Brazil Flood Rescue Efforts

As the people of Brazil continue to grapple with the aftermath of this flooding, Operation Blessing remains committed to providing aid and support to those in need. However, we cannot do this work alone.

We are grateful for all the support for our Brazil flood rescue efforts. Your continued support is making these efforts possible. Your generosity is providing families with essential supplies. You are also helping flood victims as they deal with this incredible adversity.

Together, we can demonstrate God’s love and compassion to the people of Brazil during this challenging time. Stand with Operation Blessing as we continue our work. Help bring hope to those affected by this devastating disaster.

Brazil flood damage

Kenya Flood Relief Provides a Beacon of Hope

KENYA – In addition to Texas and Brazil, areas of Kenya have also recently suffered from devastating floods. Over 235,000 individuals found themselves uprooted from their homes. This forced the displaced Kenyans to seek refuge in makeshift camps. The death toll has tragically risen to 240, leaving communities shattered and in dire need of assistance. Amidst this chaos, Operation Blessing emerged as a beacon of hope providing Kenya flood relief.

Kenya flood damage

Collaborative Relief Efforts Help Provide Kenya Flood Relief

Operation Blessing’s partnership with Orphan’s Promise proved instrumental in efficiently reaching out to affected families. Leveraging existing networks in Nairobi’s slums, we swiftly dispatched aid to those most in need. Peter Kimaru, national director of Operation Blessing International in Kenya, emphasized the critical role both organizations played in flood relief.

Providing Vital Assistance

Operation Blessing provided assistance to over 500 families. Each family received vital supplies, including blankets and a month’s worth of food provisions. This ensured their immediate needs were met. We also distributed water treatment tablets to mitigate the risk of waterborne diseases. In addition, we supplied mosquito nets to offer protection against vector-borne illnesses.

The Importance of Operation Blessing Partners

As always, we offer a special thanks to Operation Blessing partners. YOUR commitment to providing disaster relief to people in need is a testament to your kindness. While immediate relief has been provided, the road to recovery for flood-affected communities in Kenya remains long and arduous. Without you, the needs of many people could not not be met. Thank you for having a heart to help others in places like Kenya and beyond.

flood relief in Kenya