Feeding Hurricane Survivors In Texas

TEXAS – Operation Blessing is still bringing relief after Hurricane Beryl devastated the small community of Brazoria. We continue to see improvements in the power outages. Little by little residents are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But there are still many needs in this area. One major need is meals for hurricane survivors.

A big part of Operation Blessing’s hurricane relief efforts often involve feeding hurricane survivors. This can mean everything from providing ready-to-eat meals to operating a full mobile kitchen. Thanks to compassionate friends like you, we provide hot meals for survivors who may not have power or even a kitchen. To people who are in shock after a storm like Hurricane Beryl, it can mean a lot.

Feeding Hurricane Survivors With Hot Food Operations

Local resident Dede said, “We lost all of our food due to the power outage. And payday’s not until next week, so just a little bit helps.”

We started our hot food operations with the use of a small mobile kitchen, and it successfully transitioned into the local elementary school kitchen. This gave us the ability to expand the number of meals we are able to provide to those who need them. Local resident John Marc said, “I feel blessed, and I can’t believe y’all are here.” Thank you for you support that allows us to keep feeding hurricane survivors in Texas.

For the next part of our relief, debris cleanup, WE NEED YOU!

If you have the ability to give us a morning and afternoon, or even to stay overnight, we have the work for you. You can help even more families like Dede and John Marc when you visit www.ob.org/volunteer today!

hurricane volunteers in Texas

New House in Peru for a Hardworking Mom

PERU – In the heart of Peru, nestled near the Amazon rainforest, a single mother named Esther faces an uphill battle against nature’s fury. With two young children by her side, she lives in a rickety home. As such, she deals with the fear that her fragile shack will crumble. Her current home was often battered and bruised due to the relentless rains and fierce winds of the Amazon’s rainy season. In such bleak surroundings, she could hardly imagine that in the future, she would be in a new house in Peru.

Peru home in disrepair

Struggles in the Little Shack

Esther’s daily life was marked by the constant worry that her makeshift home would collapse. Each rainstorm meant their roof would leak. In addition, heavy rains also brought the threat of flooding. Against this active climate, Esther’s run down home was no match. Because it was riddled with holes on the roof, rain could easily pour in. This, of course, left her family vulnerable to sickness and despair.

A Mother’s Sorrow

As storms raged outside, Esther’s older daughter, Lexi, bravely attempted to patch up the leaks. But her efforts were futile against the deteriorating structure. Esther’s heart ached as she witnessed her children’s suffering, knowing that she lacked the means to provide them with a safe haven.

A Beacon of Hope: Operation Blessing Steps In

In the midst of Esther’s struggles, Operation Blessing, an international charity dedicated to providing aid to those in need, extended a helping hand thanks to friends like you.

Building Dreams: A New House in Peru

With the support of our generous donors, Operation Blessing constructed a new house in Peru. This provided a sturdy home for Esther and her children. Equipped with solid walls, a resilient roof, and essential amenities including a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, the new home stands as a symbol of hope in the face of adversity.

new house in Peru

Comfort and Security: A Mother’s Joy

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Esther rejoiced as she steps into her new abode. The once elusive feelings of comfort and safety now embrace her family, bringing tears of relief to her eyes. No longer does she fear for her children’s well-being during the stormy nights because of the love of friends like you.

Empowering Change: A Brighter Future

Beyond providing the gift of shelter, Operation Blessing partners empowered Esther by giving her a new brick oven, enabling her to increase her production and secure a sustainable income for her family. With renewed hope and determination, Esther looks ahead to a brighter future for herself and her children.

new kitchen in Peru

A Heartfelt Thank You

To the caring donors who made this transformation possible, Esther extends her deepest thanks. Your kindness has reshaped her family’s life. You have also helped reignite her faith in the compassion of others. Thank you for providing a new house in Peru for Esther and her family.

happy family in new Peru home

“Ya’ll are Earth Angels!” – Hurricane Beryl Survivors Begin to Rebuild

TEXAS – Although a week has passed since the storm struck Texas, the hearts of Hurricane Beryl survivors are still broken throughout the hardest-hit areas. Reports of fatalities from heat and a lack of electricity continue to trickle in, as hundreds of thousands are still without power.  

Local resident Latonya told us, “A hurricane came and blew a tree down on my porch, and I couldn’t get in the front door.”

Thanks to friends like you, Operation Blessing’s disaster relief team deployed to the surrounding area before the hurricane made landfall. We’ve been supporting a cooling station while distributing food, water, and crucial ice. We’ve also been handed out over 1000 fresh cooked meals for relief workers, volunteers, and victims struggling through the aftermath

hurricane volunteers

Volunteers Are Helping Hurricane Beryl Survivors

With trees down throughout the region, we’ve rallied volunteers who are braving the heat to help distressed homeowners recover. Through the partnership of our supporters, we’re providing the equipment, organization, and oversight to make these efforts possible.

Our volunteer named Bridgette said, “I’m awestruck every time I come through here to see how much damage can happen. But at the same time, just see how much the community can come together and just how much love can come out of such a bad thing.”

We’re excited to share that our teams are on the ground and on the job reaching out to provide help, hope, comfort, and tangible aid in this difficult time. But many more hurting residents still need assistance.  

Will you help us continue this crucial work? 

Together, we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus for these hurting families in their time of need. Thank you so much for your love and care!  

hurricane volunteers in Texas

Bound by Water Scarcity in Nigeria

NIGERIA – Today, young Kavnen has abundant clean water in his community because of Operation Blessing friends like you. Once bound by water scarcity in Nigeria, they now have a future with clean safe water.

Not long ago, the residents of his primarily Christian village called Ashibi would wake up as early as 4 a.m. to trek for water during the dry season. That really cut into their time for work, education, and family. And that trek took them to a stream where they would wait in line for water that might not even be safe to drink.

But Kavnen is not alone. All around the world, people suffer due to lack of clean water. This steals their time, their vitality, their health, and sometimes even their lives! Approximately 800,000 people—including nearly 300,000 children—die each year due to water and sanitation related illnesses.

Sustainable Water Solutions that Impact Communities

That’s why we’re so grateful to you. Because of our faithful supporters, last year alone Operation Blessing installed 155 water systems around the globe, providing clean water to approximately 36,000 beneficiaries. That’s a lot of people! Our water programs reach out to hurting villagers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In each case, we design the best system for that specific community. Our water experts take into consideration factors like geology, climate, available resources, and even culture in order to provide sustainable water solutions that will last long into the future.

In the case of Kavnen’s village, a well was the best course of action for this community. But we also utilize technologies like rainwater catchment, networks of pipes, solar power, filtration, chlorination, and even desalination to ensure that each community has the ideal system for its circumstances. Water might be made available in a nearby central location or piped straight to homes. In many cases, we are also able to offer handwashing stations, showers, and toilets for the residents.

As we dedicated the well in Kavnen’s village, a local pastor read from Matthew 11:28— “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Their new water system brought that promise alive for this village of Christians, as it freed them from the burden of water scarcity. It offered them a much more abundant life, thanks in part to your love and support! Now the blessing of a well has removed the bonds of water scarcity in Nigeria for Kavnen’s village. 

Battling Water Scarcity Across the Globe

You also help to provide water in disaster scenarios. Recently, you gave clean water to survivors of Hurricane Otis in Mexico. And in Chile, we worked with a beverage company that stopped all other production to help us provide clean water to wildfire survivors.

Kavnen’s community sent their sincere thanks to you. “We are happy receiving this project because we have suffered from lack of access to clean drinking water,” said a villager named Iorakosa. “God has sent Operation Blessing to our rescue. We are grateful.”

We also offer you our sincerest gratitude for breaking the bondage that people suffer without proper access to clean water. You are ringing the bell of freedom throughout the world for those in need. God bless you.

Breaking Poverty’s Chains in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES – In the busy streets of Cavite, John Paulo’s childhood was overcast by the shadow of poverty in the Philippines. Without a father to help provide for them, both John Paulo and his brother endured the harsh realities of life in a daily struggle to survive. They even lived as street children for a time. Surrounded by drugs and crime, they got involved in fights and were dubbed juvenile delinquents. These boys needed compassionate intervention from friends like you.

In time, John Paulo’s eyes were opened to the possibility of a better life—a life where love and hope prevailed over the despair and hardship he had known all too well.

Through the intervention of a local Christian church, the Gospel’s transformational power began to take root in his heart. Every Sunday he would sit alongside fellow believers and recite the words of John 3:16. He felt a stirring deep within him—a call to change and to embrace a new way of living. But could this kind of freedom really be possible?

“He sent His Son to change us all,” John Paulo said. “He’s the one who will find a way for us to escape from sin.”

microenterprise in  the Philippines

Breaking the Grip of Generational Poverty in the Philippines

Though his heart had shifted, John Paulo’s journey to gain freedom from the grip of generational poverty in the Philippines was not without its challenges. He was living in a single cramped room with his mother and brother. It gave them a place to sleep and protection from the rain, but little else. Together, they would scavenge through garbage for items that could be sold to the junk shop to help provide for their daily needs.

Reflecting on his family’s dire situation, John Paulo said, “When I see them without food and relying on the junk shop, it’s like we’re slowly reverting back to what we were on the streets before. Struggling and depending on other people’s charity. Just hoping someone will lend money. I don’t want to see them like that.”

Then your kindness stepped in and paved the way toward freedom. With the support of Operation Blessing’s microenterprise project, John Paulo—now a young adult— finally gained the freedom he had been searching for.

battling poverty in Asia

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, John Paulo was provided with everything he would need to start his own food cart business. Through training sessions and the guidance of dedicated mentors, he and his family were equipped with the tools they needed to break free from the cycle of poverty.

“I thank everyone who made this possible,” John Paulo expressed with gratitude. “Without this, we would not be able to provide for our daily needs. Thank you so much!”

John Paulo’s days of scavenging are over. His family has been able to move into a better home. Their story has become a living reminder of the Gospel’s hope and the freedom that is possible when caring donors like you help break the chains of poverty for families in need!

ending generational poverty

A New Rainwater Harvesting System Helps Kids Stay in School

COSTA RICA – At a school in Costa Rica, dreams and education intersect. For years, the school faced a significant challenge: the lack of a reliable water source. When the water ran out, the doors of education closed, leaving the children of Palmera in uncertainty. However, a recent development has changed the course of the school’s future. A development in the form of a new rainwater harvesting system.

Join us in watching this inspiring story as Sheibony, a student of Palmera School, takes us on a heartfelt tour of her beloved school. Through her eyes, we witness the daily struggles and triumphs of the students. Sheibony passionately shares what the school means to her, emphasizing the vital role it plays in shaping their futures.

A Rainwater Harvesting System Provides Clean Drinkable Water

The highlight of the tour is the new rainwater harvesting system. Installed with the support of dedicated partners, this system ensures that the school has a consistent supply of clean water. No longer will the children of Palmera worry about school closures due to water shortages. This innovative solution has not only provided a basic necessity, but has also opened the doors to continuous learning and growth.

With the new system in place, the Palmera School stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. The children can now focus on their studies, knowing that their school will always be open, rain or shine. Watch as Sheibony’s pride and joy shine through, representing the bright future that now lies ahead for Palmera School.

Hurricane Beryl Relief Efforts in Brazoria, Texas

TEXAS – Operation Blessing is on the ground in Brazoria, Texas, where a large hurricane hit just a few days ago. People here are suffering from massive numbers of downed trees and power outages affecting over 50% of the population. We’ve got heat indexes over 100 degrees, and there are very real concerns about people being overheated and dehydrated.

Operation Blessing is responding in numerous ways to this crisis as part of our Hurricane Beryl relief efforts. We have relief loads headed to many different cities in Texas. We have also established contacts with churches in various cities around the disaster zone, and we’re providing them with food and water to help suffering families.

We’re working with the Cajun Navy, Texans on a Mission, and a local church, First Baptist Church in Brazoria. We’re all working seamlessly together to create a relief effort that is really intended to serve the people of this community.

Hurricane Beryl Relief

Hurricane Beryl Relief: Preventing Dehydration

The major focus is on cooling people down and making sure that they stay hydrated in these very, very hot temperatures. The intense heat puts many at risk of dehydration.

We ask you at home to pray these people get their electricity back, so they’re no longer facing the danger of overheating. Pray for our volunteers and our Operation Blessing personnel, that we stay safe as we are out in the heat helping these folks. And as always, pray that these people, through this adversity, come closer to God and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your prayers and your support are incredibly valuable to us, and we truly appreciate that. If you’re able to volunteer, visit https://www.ob.org/disaster-relief/volunteer/ today! We would love to have you here. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, and God bless you.

Hurricane Beryl support

Operation Blessing Deployed in Texas After Hurricane Beryl

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (July 10, 2024) – Operation Blessing has deployed its U.S Disaster Relief team to the city of Brazoria, Texas, to help residents there recover from destruction caused by Hurricane Beryl

Team leaders from Operation Blessing had pre-staged disaster relief equipment in the Houston area. Once the storm passed and it was safe to begin traveling, the team conducted assessments of the surrounding areas and met with local partners to determine the greatest areas of need. In Brazoria, they encountered large trees down “on almost every street,” along with half the city currently without electricity.

Hurricane Beryl relief efforts

First Steps Following Destruction Caused By Hurricane Beryl

The deployment includes a mobile kitchen capable of serving hundreds of hot meals daily, a construction trailer loaded with tools, a work order trailer, a skid steer for heavy debris removal, a shower trailer, a large electric generator, and various trucks loaded with food and emergency supplies.

Setting Up a Base of Operations for Hurricane Relief

Today, Operation Blessing is setting up a base of operations at First Baptist Church (101 San Bernard St), where they will conduct disaster relief efforts in the coming days. Once it is operational, local residents whose homes were damaged will be able to submit work order requests for free volunteer help. Operation Blessing will also be overseeing mass volunteer efforts to help remove debris, salvage personal belongings, as well as distribute to residents a number of disaster relief kits donated by The Home Depot Foundation. Each kit includes items such as garbage bags, paper towels, cleaners, hand sanitizer, scour pads, and gloves.


Operation Blessing (OB) provides humanitarian services such as strategic disaster relief, medical aid, hunger relief, clean water and community development. Founded in 1978, Operation Blessing has touched the lives of millions of people in more than 90 countries and every state.

 Transforming Lives Through Child Hernia Surgery

GUATEMALA – In the heart of Guatemala, a young girl named Melany and her family faced a daunting challenge that would test their resilience and hope. This story, emblematic of the struggles faced by families worldwide, underscores the impact that kindness can have to help people in need. This story of transforming lives through hernia surgery also shows the profound change it can have in the life of a child.

Diagnosed with a Hernia: The Beginning of a Daunting Journey

Melany’s journey began with a startling discovery by her mother, Anna. Anna noticed an unusual lump on her daughter’s body. Though small, the grape size of the lump was a source of concern. It was also a warning of the pain and discomfort that Melany would have to endure. Concerned, Melany’s parents sought medical advice. The diagnosis confirmed their worst fears: Melany had a hernia.

The idea that any illness or affliction is threatening your child is incredibly difficult. For Melany’s family, the situation was exacerbated by the financial constraints they faced. With the cost of the necessary diagnostic test far beyond their means, they found themselves in an impossible situation. Now they would be forced to choose between their child’s health and their basic needs.

Child Hernia Surgery in El Salvador: A Ray of Hope

It was at their lowest point that Melany’s family learned about a hospital partnering with Operation Blessing. This partnership made it possible for Melany to receive the hernia surgery she desperately needed. Because of the generous partners at Operation Blessing, the surgery would not come with a devastating financial burden.

The success of Melany’s surgery is a testament to the life-changing impact that Operation Blessing partners are having with families in different parts of the world. No longer hindered by pain, Melany can now run and play freely.

The Importance of Life-Changing Hernia Surgery

For many children like Melany, especially in regions like Guatemala and El Salvador, the availability of such surgeries can change their whole destiny. It can mean the difference between a life of pain or a future filled with possibilities.

YOU Help Transform Lives Through Hernia Surgery

Melany’s story is a testament to what YOU can do. You are making surgeries possible for families who do not have the means to help their sick child. You are changing the lives of the families for the better, one surgery at a time. Please continue to partner with us to make these kinds of incredible changes to the lives of such precious people.

A Happy Heart in El Salvador

EL SALVADOR — Within the bustling life of a young family, three-year-old Liam’s heartwarming tale unfolds. His story is a testament to the life-changing power of child heart surgery in El Salvador. Likewise, it is also a testament to the incredible power of your charitable giving.

A Ray of Hope for Congenital Heart Defects

Liam’s life began with a medical challenge faced by many children globally. He was born with a congenital heart defect. Initially a small hole, it posed a threat that could not be ignored. As you would expect, surgery would be necessary to close the hole in his heart. In modern times, this surgery is available to help children dealing with this affliction. However, it comes with a large cost. For many the price of surgery is out of the question.

This was the case for Liam’s parents. Now they had a terrible dilemma before them. They were trapped at a crossroads between desperate need and lack of finances for surgery. What makes this situation even sadder is they are not alone. Other parents find themselves in this same gut wrenching scenario. Imagine knowing there was a way to help your child, but it was just beyond your reach? Thankfully, even in situations as challenging as this, there are people like you who care!

Transforming Lives Through Charity

Caring friends like you were there to make a difference for Liam’s family. Because of our generous partners, this family was introduced to a lifeline in the form of a partner hospital allied with Operation Blessing. And Liam got the child heart surgery in El Salvador he needed!

Liam’s journey shows the dire need for help in El Salvador and throughout others parts of the world. It also shows the difference that organizations like Operation Blessing can make.

charity helping families

The Generosity of Partners: A Key to Successful Heart Surgeries

It’s through the generosity of caring people that the world is changing, one child at a time. You make stories like Liam’s possible. Your support echoes far beyond the initial gift, bringing transformation to the lives of young heart patients. By enabling surgeries for children like Liam, your charitable contributions become the cornerstone of a life without constant struggle due to heart disease or other afflictions.

Your role transcends the act of giving—it’s a partnership in creating miracles for children in need of heart surgery.

The Lifesaving Power of Giving

Thanks to the outpouring of support from our partners, Liam now thrives as an active child, He is unrestricted by the limitations of his past heart condition. This outcome is a reminder of the lifesaving power of giving. Thank you for making child heart surgery in El Salvador a reality for Liam!

healed from a hole in his heart