Disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Help disaster victims

Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, or refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict needing critical relief, Operation Blessing relief teams give hope and help when it’s needed most, including distributing food, safe water, medicine and other vital supplies to meet the immediate needs of those suffering. Then, to help communities begin the long-term recovery process, teams assist with debris clean-up and repairs—including Extreme Blessing Home Makeover projects in the U.S.—as well as microenterprise projects to help boost the economy, recover jobs and get families back on their feet. Learn more about how we help disaster victims in need by reading our Disaster Relief Strategies booklet.


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Operation Blessing’s disaster relief efforts have touched lives in nations all across the globe:

  • Providing fishing boats

    Providing fishing boats and other critical resources to families devastated by the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami and also aiding victims of Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines in 2013.

  • Cleaning debris

    Cleaning up debris and repairing homes along the eastern coast and in the Midwest that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy and tornadoes in 2013.

  • Healing and hope

    Working to bring healing and hope to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and cholera outbreak.


Disaster Relief Projects

Operation Blessing has been and continues to be a beacon of hope and source of strength for thousands of disaster victims around the world.

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