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Disaster Relief

Every year, people around the world struggle to survive when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or tsunami, or refugees in the midst of life-threatening conflict needing critical relief, Operation Blessing is helping disaster victims endure and recover by providing critical aid.


BRAZIL: Operation Blessing is in Brazil offering much-needed assistance since catastrophic flooding destroyed a dam, caused landslides, collapsed bridges, and washed-out roads in and around Porto Alegre. At least 126 lives were lost, and more than 337,000 people were forced from their homes. To help disaster victims without power or clean water, we’re providing food, medical care, safe water, solar lamps, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies.

PHILIPPINES A disaster relief team is on the way to the Philippines since Typhoon Ewiniar lashed the islands with days of heavy rain and high speed wind—destroying homes and displacing thousands of people. Our focus will be on providing food relief to hurting families who no longer have access to power or household goods. 

TEXAS: Operation Blessing has been providing critical relief supplies to struggling storm victims through churches across the region near Houston and Cleveland, Texas since catastrophic flash-flooding and other severe storms damaged homes across the region. With friends like you, we’ve been blessed to provide over 90 tons of relief items including emergency meal kits, clean water, and home cleaning supplies. 

UNITED STATES: As severe thunderstorms have spawned nearly constant tornadoes and torrential rainfall across the United States, Operation Blessing has been sending critical relief supplies to the hurting through local churches in 11+ cities across Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Michigan. 

Join the effort! You can make a difference in the lives of the hurting in the wake of disaster. Your compassion brings hope and help in their darkest hours.

Help Disaster Victims!

When disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other humanitarian crises strike, YOU are there to show hurting people God’s love with immediate relief and long-term recovery.

Operation Blessing partners, staff, and disaster relief volunteers are the first on the ground, partnering with emergency management and local churches to bring food, clean water, medicine and other vital supplies to meet the immediate needs of those suffering.

Then, after others have left, YOU continue to help with the long-term disaster recovery process. Teams of Operation Blessing disaster relief staff and volunteers assist with debris clean up and repairs, as well as providing microenterprise and small business support to help recover jobs and get families back on their feet. Last year, you enabled us to respond to 16 disasters in the U.S. and abroad. Within these past few years, we have also responded to a number of devastating hurricanes including Hurricane Ian, Fiona, Laura, Delta, and Iota. In Operation Blessing’s 2023 fiscal year, you helped us respond worldwide during times of war and political conflict, hurricane and tornado season, famine, flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, and wildfires.

Thanks to faithful friends like you, Operation Blessing is on the cutting edge of disaster response, providing both immediate and long-term relief for people facing crisis and disaster. With unmatched experience working with emergency management, law enforcement, and local churches, Operation Blessing is a disaster relief organization that’s able to provide the greatest impact quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s a historic hurricane like Katrina, an earthquake in Turkey, war in the Ukraine, a flood in West Virginia, fires in Hawaii, or a tornado in Alabama, Operation Blessing is there for those in need.

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Disaster Relief Testimonials

“When people were hungry, Operation Blessing provided … hot meals… when emergency staff were stressed and tired, Operation Blessing was there with care and compassion…Mary J. Sutton, FEMA VAL, New Orleans, LA

“Thank you for your quick and heartfelt support to our community after the tornado last month… You responded to our need in a prompt, courteous, and loving way… Together we were able to minister to those in need and we are grateful for the generosity.” – Pastor Tony Peaks, Senior Pastor, Open Door Church, Suffolk, VA

“Operation Blessing came in self-contained, ready to work, and had excellent logistics… I cannot begin to adequately express my thanks for the efforts you, your staff, and organization provided the citizens of Vigo County and my staff.” – Dorene G. Hojnicki, Director, Virgo County, IN Emergency Management






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