Would you or someone you know like to volunteer? When major hurricanes, tornadoes and other devastating storms strike the U.S., volunteers become a key component of Operation Blessing’s disaster relief efforts. From serving hot meals and handing out bags of relief to helping residents salvage precious belongings and aiding in debris removal and cleanup, OBI volunteers are critical to bringing relief in real time!


Operation Blessing Teams are made up of “on-call” volunteers with general and specialized skills who join our teams in the field during times of disaster. When there is a disaster, we’ll contact you (usually via e-mail) asking if you are available. Operation Blessing will supply meals, lodging, equipment, work order coordination and more. Volunteers are only asked to cover the costs of their transportation, including to and from the job sites each day.

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Please see below for a listing of available teams:


volunteer in constructionConstruction Teams consist of licensed trades such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, general contractors, carpenters, structural engineers, architects and roofers, as well as those experienced in flooring such as carpet, vinyl, tile and wood. These team members are often called on during the rebuilding and recovery stage of disasters.

General Volunteer

join our general volunteer strike teamOur General Volunteer Teams consist of individuals who may not have a specialized skill but would still like to serve during times of disaster. These team members will help with general labor such as gutting homes, site assessments, clean-up and more.


volunteer with the food strike teamOperation Blessing is looking for Food Team members with experience in food management and service at all levels. Our mobile-kitchens are fully equipped, stocked and ready to provide at least 1,000 meals per day, helping to feed local emergency management conducting search and recovery, families and individuals without power and other resources, and also volunteers and clean-up crews.


When hospitals, pharmacies and clinics are no longer available due to displacement and destruction, Operation Blessing’s Medical Teams bring in licensed and experienced doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals as well as essential medications and equipment to help sustain patients who have suffered the devastation of disaster and are in need of medical treatment.

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