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Give Water. Give Life.

1 in 4 people don’t have access to this basic necessity—and the ripple effect is tragic. Children are dying from preventable diseases, and others are missing school, sick and in pain.

Together, we embark on a mission to demonstrate the boundless love of God to suffering individuals worldwide. For decades, compassionate supporters like you have gazed into the eyes of the impoverished and vulnerable, extending a hand of assistance and hope even in the most dire circumstances.

Today, we want to share with you the story of a courageous mom in Guatemala named Abygail. Like many parents and grandparents, Abygail was routinely forced to give her little boys contaminated water from an irrigation pipe or the nearby stream. Take a look at the full story by clicking through the ebook below to see how friends like you changed the future of her family.

It takes $50,000 to build a clean water system for a community in need. That’s only $160 per person. (To put that in perspective: for roughly the cost of Netflix, you can change someone’s entire life with the gift of clean water!)

World Water Day is TODAY, and our goal is to help end the water crisis for a community in need—will you partner with us to give the gift of clean water? You can bring hope and health to hurting families.

access to drinkable water in peru

The tragedy is that this crisis is totally preventable and fixable.

The miracle is that YOU can help end this crisis for one community—today.

We live in a fast-paced world, and there are lot of projects you could be supporting. That’s why we’re really grateful for you taking the time to read this and hear Abygail’s story. I hope you’ll help end the clean water crisis for a community in need. 

Help End One Community’s Clean Water Crisis Today!

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