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Solar Powered Water System in Peru Offers New Hope

Field Report by Michael Saks

PERU – In the remote Andean heights of Peru, where the air is thin and the mountains stretch skyward, 12-year-old Maria and her family face a daily ordeal that contradicts the region’s serene beauty: the struggle for clean drinking water. At over 13,000 feet, where her father toils as a farmer and cattle-raiser, the scarcity of potable water poses a dire challenge for Maria.

The Perilous Journey for Water in Peru’s Andes

Maria’s strenuous journey to collect water, burdened with heavy bottles, is a testament to the resilience required for survival here. The family’s primary water source, an exposed ground hole collecting rainwater, is far from safe. Its contamination can cause illness, and during dry spells, their plight gets even worse.

A Community Plagued by Water Contamination

Vincente, Maria’s father, bears the anguish of watching his children suffer frequent bouts of sickness from the water they have no choice but to drink. Diarrhea and the constant threat of more serious disease compel him to seek medical help, straining his finances and causing fear for the future.

A New Solar Powered Water System Helps the Community

Then, a beacon of hope: thanks to support from friends like you, Operation Blessing arrives. With a commitment to combating Peru’s water contamination and scarcity, we construct a new solar powered water system. By tapping into an uncontaminated source, we channel water to an elevated tank for treatment. Solar power then becomes the driving force, propelling clean water to homes across the community.

The Dawn of Clean Water in Maria’s Village

Today, thanks to the innovation and the generosity of our supporters, Maria can drink and cook with water free from the taint of contamination. A solar powered water system brings new light and hope to a village that once dreaded the ordeal of gathering and consuming dirty water. Pride swells in Vincente’s heart, and the shadow of fear that once loomed over his family has lifted. Clean water, once a distant dream, now flows close to home, safeguarding the health and joy of his daughters.

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