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Relief supplies delivered via helicopter in Nepal.

Helicopter delivers supplies in Himalayas

NEPAL – The Operation Blessing team in Nepal is continuing to push farther into the mountains in an effort to bring desperately-needed aid to remote villages.

“The last 24 hours in ‪Nepal‬ was surreal,” said OBI staff member, Diego Traverso. The team took a helicopter into the Himalayas to reach a village called Laprak, which was 99 percent destroyed during the earthquake. Laprak is in Gorkha which is very near the epicenter of the original quake.

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Second quake hits Nepal

Second quake strikes Nepal

Second quake hits Nepal

NEPAL – Already struggling families were hit with another tragedy as a second earthquake, 7.3-magnitude, struck the wearied nation.

“I was on the third floor…when the quake started,” an OBI staff member said. “I grabbed my camera and started filming while I was running out of the building.”

Operation Blessing staff report that residents fled in terror; many were crying and trying desperately to get in touch with family. The quake caused additional injuries and many buildings damaged in the first quake are now in ruins. “There is no electricity now, all the shops are closed and people are hanging out in the street,” staff said. “They are pretty desperate.”

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Villagers in the remote mountain villages of the mountains.

Reaching hardest hit Sindhupalchowk region

Operation Blessing heads to remote villages in Nepal.

NEPAL – Today was our toughest relief mission yet. It took us almost eight hours to reach a village high in the hardest hit Sindhupalchowk region. We learned of a mountain community in an area that only became accessible when a road was cleared yesterday. So we loaded over six tons of rice and other food supplies in a truck and set out in a convoy, leaving Kathmandu at 5am.

We drove on some frightening roads that had sections taken out in landslides then hastily repaired for access. There were several times when I found myself looking straight down to the valley floor 1,000 feet below as our wheels hugged the edge, too close for comfort.

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Training local teams to produce chlorine to disinfect drinking water.

Chlorine and clean drinking water for Nepal

NEPAL – Yesterday we began distribution of our liquid chlorine in the devastated town of Bhaktapur. Operation Blessing has three workers who access destroyed areas with motor scooters loaded with five gallons of chlorine solution each.

The OBI Safe Water Team will use this motor scooter distribution method extensively over the next few weeks to get this life saving purification solution far and wide. We will also be distributing to church networks to get our chlorine throughout the hardest hit areas in Nepal.

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Supplies for villagers in remote regions of Nepal.

Food and supplies distributions in Nepal villages

NEPAL – We pressed even farther from Kathmandu, 3.5 hours on often difficult roads covered in cracks and landslide debris. We reached a village in a deep valley where there was almost 95% destruction to the homes and several people had been killed.

These farmers and fishermen have lost everything and Operation Blessing was the first agency to reach them. You could throw a dart at a map of Nepal and pretty much find a destroyed village in that region, there are so many communities like this it will take weeks for them all to be reached.

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