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YOU + Operation Blessing = Lives Changed

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Friends like YOU are bringing hope and relief to those in need around the world. Now you have the opportunity to make your incredible impact go even further! When you become an Operation Blessing fundraiser you can help transform lives around the globe.

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Millions of lives around the world are affected by food insecurity, natural disasters, unsanitary drinking water, and medical complications each year. Our ability to help those in need is magnified when we work together, and creating a fundraiser is a great place to start. Multiply your impact by getting your friends and family involved! Create a fundraiser and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by email.

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We’ve made it easy for your fundraiser to succeed. Check out our Fundraising Tool Kit for tips and sample messaging templates on how to run an easy, successful fundraiser. Together, we can achieve more!

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disaster relief
Feed Hungry Americans

Feed Hungry Americans

Feed Hungry Americans

Help fight hunger in America by partnering with Operation Blessing to feed hungry children, provide food for the elderly, and give families facing hard times the help they need.

Give the gift of clean water

Clean Water

Give Clean Water

Send the transforming gift of clean water to individuals, and entire communities, who struggle to survive without this basic resource. You can help build water wells and clean water systems, provide water purification equipment, and more.

Operation Blessing disaster relief

Help Disaster Victims

Help Disaster Victims

When disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other humanitarian crises strike, YOU are there to show the hurting the love of God with immediate relief and long-term recovery.

Life-changing surgeries

Life-Changing Surgeries

Life-Changing Surgeries

Give the priceless gift of healing to children and adults suffering without the surgeries they need. From children needing cleft lip, cleft palate, or clubfoot surgery to teenagers with injuries from accidents to adults with tumors, cataracts, and more, there are many who need your help today.