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Clean Water

In many places, drinking a sip of water can be extremely hazardous – even deadly. Sadly, many people in developing countries have no other choice but to get their water from contaminated streams or ponds – contamination that causes countless children to die needlessly from diarrhea and typhoid. Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing WASH programs (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) are helping to change that.




Thanks to YOU children, the elderly, and so many others are protected from water-borne illness—even death—every year. This is possible because of the compassionate and thoughtful clean water solutions you provide through Operation Blessing to help solve the world’s water crisis.

Every community and every need is different. That’s why Operation Blessing WASH programs (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) improve access to and the quality and reliability of clean water, and also improve hygiene and sanitation behaviors in communities around the world. With your help, we make sure to offer life-changing and long-lasting clean water projects tailored to the specific needs of people they support.

Water-borne illnesses like typhoid cause many easily preventable deaths every year, especially among children. But you are saving lives and bringing lasting change through your partnership with Operation Blessing to counter water shortages. Here are just some of the clean water solutions that you make possible when you partner with OB as your clean water charity.

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