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Life-Changing Surgeries

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Whether it’s surgery to correct clubfoot, fix a cleft palate, bring healing after a terrible burn, repair a heart defect, or any of a number of other operations, your generosity has the power to bring healing and hope to those in need.

Through our offices, medical brigades, and partnerships around the world, Operation Blessing staff frequently meet people suffering without the surgeries they need. In our Life-Changing Surgeries Catalog, you can read the stories of those waiting for relief and give them the healing they long for.

Surgery Support Stories

Learn about the individual accounts of how your generosity makes support for surgery possible. Behind every surgery is a true blessing of someone being healed of an ailment or condition that detrimentally impacts their daily life and well-being. Here are some of those accounts where your support for surgery has made a difference.

Cleft Palate Surgery in Burundi

Seun-Gwn is a boy in Burundi born with cleft lip and palate. Through the generous support of Operation Blessing friends like YOU, Seun-Gwn has received the surgery he needs. He no longer struggles to eat or talk. Your giving makes this possible

Child Brain Surgery In Tanzania

Baby Heavenlight is a young child in Tanzania. She was suffering from a skull malformity known as Encephalocele. This meant her brain was growing irregularly out of a hole in her skull. This would have meant devastating consequences for Heavenlight’s future. She would not be able to learn properly or have a normal life. The reality of this pained her mother deeply.

Fortunately, GOD worked through the generosity of Operation Blessing partners. Heavenlight received the surgery she so desperately needed. She can now live a normal, healthy life like other children without the burden of a skull malformity. 

Eye Surgery in Guatemala

Watch how a life was changed through eye surgery in Guatemala!

Surgery Worldwide

Operation Blessing partners help provide surgery worldwide. Together, we reach communities and people who do not have the resources to get the medical care that can change their lives. You are the one who makes this possible. You are the one who can change a person’s life. Here are some of the countries our partners have touched with the gift of surgery worldwide.

  • Ukraine
  • India
  • China
  • Honduras
  • Kenya
  • Guatemala

From the Field