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Hunger Relief

We provide food to children and families all over the world, as well as training on the importance of a nutritious diet.   GIVE TO THE WORK OF OPERATION BLESSING

From the homes of struggling single moms in America to drought-stricken communities in Africa, YOU are fighting hunger, famine, and food insecurity wherever they’re found. With a variety of hunger-relief programs, your support of Operation Blessing provides world hunger relief that’s filling hungry bellies, ensuring food security, and transforming lives!

In the U.S., OB’s fleet of tractor-trailers delivers thousands of pounds of food, drinks, and more to our network of food pantries and churches across the country to help end hunger in America.

Internationally, Operation Blessing provides school nutrition programs in places like Peru and Mexico, small business assistance in locations like Guatemala to help hard-working people put food on the table, and agriculture programs that make it possible for families in areas like Kenya to grow food to eat and sell, as well as prevent food shortages.

These hunger-relief measures are preventing health problems like stunted growth, malnutrition, anemia, and more. Thanks to you, so many around the world no longer experience the gnawing pain of hunger, and hungry children now have the food they need to grow up healthy!

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