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Medical Aid

It’s hard to imagine a child dying from diarrhea or a minor cut becoming a life-threatening infection, but this is the reality for many families around the world who have little or no access to health care or who simply cannot afford such treatment. A shortage of basic medical care, knowledge and supplies costs lives every day. Operation Blessing is helping reach the sick and impoverished through free mobile medical clinics, distributing medicine and medical supplies, providing life-changing surgeries, training and equipping community health workers and distributing wheelchairs to the disabled. Lean more about how our Medical Aid program works!



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International GIK Medicine Program

Globally minded and community focused, Operation Blessing’s medical aid program includes a variety of strategic partnerships and special projects to strengthen local health systems and improve access to quality medical care, equip hospitals and clinics with medicine and diagnostic machines, improve access to health care in the poorest regions by conducting mobile medical campaigns and offer educational programs to local medical professionals. Learn more about how it works

How do pharmaceutical donations help?

Throughout Latin America and Africa, Operation Blessing provides donations of medicine received from partnering pharmaceutical companies. We work with more than 400 in-country health and community organizations and also provide access to free medicine through mobile clinics, hospitals, health centers and more. Thanks to these generous donations, patients are granted access to critically-needed medicine and care that they could not otherwise afford. Learn more

What happens when medical care isn’t available?

In poor rural communities where medical facilities are not easily accessible, Operation Blessing is training and equipping community health workers, who can provide, organize and explain lifesaving basics to locals for injuries, illness, childbirth and more. Community health workers are also equipped with first aid and other basic medical supplies necessary to provide care in these often isolated locations.
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