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A mission you can believe in. A charity you can trust.

our mission

Operation Blessing and our partners are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world.

what we do

our stories

  • Getting Helpful Supplies to Hurricane Ian Victims

    FLORIDA – Operation Blessing is in coastal Florida partnering with local churches and getting helpful supplies to Hurricane Ian victims. In a matter of hours, the hurricane turned these families’ lives upside down. They now need all the help they can get. Pastor Greg and his wife have been the leaders of Destiny Church for Read More…

  • You Are There In Their Toughest Times

    KENYA – Life was already hard. Najire and her six children live as pastoral nomads, roaming to feed their livestock. Then a catastrophic drought swept across their region. Without rain to bring life to the land, most of Najire’s livestock starved to death, and her children appeared to be next. Help from friends like you Read More…

  • Water for Enrique's Village

    MEXICO – Seven-year-old Enrique loves to splash in the pila—the small basin behind his house in Galilea, Chiapas, a small community in southern Mexico. On hot days, it’s a refreshing way to cool off after playing basketball with friends. But it wasn’t always this way until a new water system in Mexico changed their lives. Read More…

  • You Are Creating A Brighter Tomorrow 

    ASIA – Today, someone is hurting. It might be a child in Peru struggling with a deformity or a working mother in India whose vision is slowly fading. They might be hesitant to face the day, afraid of the challenges it might bring. But their uncertainty can change in a moment. And for hundreds of Read More…