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You Can Give a Brighter Future to Families in Need

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU- Ruth is a single mother in Peru who works hard to provide for her family. One day, a terrible storm struck her makeshift home and tore off the roof. Her daughters were so afraid. They worried the rest of the house would collapse on them. After that, their living situation became a health hazard, and her daughters got sick from being exposed to the elements. They desperately needed a new home in Peru.

Even worse, the pandemic caused Ruth’s work to suffer. As she made fewer sales, there was hardly any money for food and definitely no money left for repairs to the home.

When Operation Blessing first came to Ruth’s community, they developed a chicken program to train families to begin poultry businesses. Ruth was chosen for the program, and got right to work. Now she has a steady income to provide for her family, and she even has a chance to save.

But, because of the generosity of friends like you, Operation Blessing didn’t stop there. With your help, we built Ruth and her family a new home in Peru, complete with kitchen, bathroom, and beds!

When you partner with Operation Blessing, you have a direct hand in offering a new hope and a future for families like Ruth’s. There are still so many more who need your love and support. We invite you to get involved today!

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