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A New Life for Tumor Patient in Honduras

Field Report by Operation Blessing

HONDURAS – As a farm worker in Honduras, Melbin earned a living toiling in the sun day in and day out. But for the past 3 years, a life-altering tumor has been growing on his jaw and has prevented him from keeping a stable job.

Sadly, Melbin suffered from discrimination due to this large, benign tumor. “People say, ‘what happened to you? Why is your face swollen?'” Melbin told Operation Blessing staff.

Melbin and his wife have been living with his parents. The hardworking young man took whatever job he could find to support his family. But the work took a toll on his health. One day, the hot sun and hard work caused the tumor to start bleeding – from inside his mouth. Melbin’s foreman told him to leave. “I felt terrible. I couldn’t do anything!” Melbin said tearfully.

Tumor Patient In Honduras

Melbin’s father paid for him to receive a medical examination, which revealed that he would need surgery to remove the tumor. But the surgery was far too expensive. Thankfully, that’s where people like you stepped in! Operation Blessing heard of Melbin’s case, and your support provided the he needed. In Melbin’s case, the surgeons removed the tumor and part of his jaw.

Then, the generosity of faithful friends like you made it possible for a 3D-printed prosthetic bone to be cast and inserted into Melbin’s mouth. “I thank God and all of the donors for helping me. I am grateful because they have changed my life!” Melbin said.

Your love provided Life-Changing Surgeries for a tumor patient in Honduras and many others like him all over the world! Thank you.

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