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A Texas Tornado Warning Finds A Family in the Nick of Time

Field Report by Operation Blessing

TEXAS – Joseph was relaxing with his daughters and watching TV the day after Christmas. He was aware of a tornado warning in effect for his area, but, being from India, Joseph had little knowledge of and experience with these fast moving and powerful storms.

Assuming that he’d hear the Texas tornado warning and have time to react, Joseph focused on spending time with his girls unaware that a twister was bearing down on his neighborhood.

Joseph’s cousin, aware of the imminent danger, called Joseph and told him to get himself and his daughters into the bathroom immediately. Joseph did so and, less than five seconds later, the twister struck.

Joseph remained on the phone with his cousin who recounted, “I heard the six-year-old girl scream and then the phone got disconnected. I got really scared.”

But thanks to his cousin’s timely phone call, Joseph and his girls were protected. However, they emerged from the bathroom to find their home’s living room, where they had been sitting moments before, littered with debris.

Joseph's damaged home.

Texas Tornado Warning Aftermath

Only days after the storm had passed, Operation Blessing volunteers arrived to help Joseph, and many of his neighbors, begin the process of clearing debris and rebuilding. “The cleanup work is really difficult,” Joseph said, “it’s a blessing that you guys are coming out and helping.”

Operation Blessing disaster relief teams are on the ground in Texas aiding devastated families by coordinating volunteers and providing help salvaging belongings and beginning process of recovery. In a single Saturday, Operation Blessing sent out more than 2,000 volunteers to help those in need!

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