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Alabama Tornado Response Begins

Field Report by Operation Blessing

ALABAMA – In early January, winter storm systems spawned intense tornadoes, ravaging communities across the southeastern United States. The Operation Blessing disaster relief team immediately deployed to initiate an Alabama tornado response and bring aid to families in desperate need.

Helping in Hard-Hit Cottonwood

Because of our compassionate supporters like you, we were able to leap into action as soon as word of the storms hit. Within a day, help was on the way. Operation Blessing trucks have already delivered food, water, and clean up supplies to hard hit areas, first in Florida and then in Alabama. And our full convoy, including our mobile kitchen for making hot meals, is on the ground near Cottonwood, Alabama now.

When we arrived in Cottonwood, the small town had been utterly devastated. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll definitely want to watch the above video to see both the extent of the devastation and the power of love to make a difference.

Rev. Dewayne Watson shared with us, “Many homes were lost, businesses, a lot of the commercial buildings, such as fire station banks, some parts of the school, etc., were devastated by the storm.”

Tangible Help Shows God’s Love

The reverend continued, “When a person has lost everything, they really don’t know where to turn, who to ask for help. They don’t have the funds or the means to recoup or recover or even sustain during this time of loss. And I feel that groups like Operation Blessing are sent from God to be the part that those unfortunate people can’t be.”

With the generous help of compassionate supporters, a semi-truck with several pallets of bottled water, nonperishable foods, and buckets with cleaning supplies rolled into Cottonwood to help sustain hurting families in this time of great loss.

Disaster Relief Charity Helping Victims

We are also coordinating, overseeing, and supplying tools for volunteer efforts. Thanks to friends like you, our team is helping residents clean up debris, remove fallen trees, tarp roofs, and assist in any way we can to get them through these devastating times.

Your Gifts Can Help Disaster Victims!

Would you please reach out and give a special gift to help disaster victims in this dark moment? You can be a light in that darkness, providing the love, support, and encouragement they need. Find out how when you visit or today!

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