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The Greatest Love of All for Americans Facing Hunger

Field Report by Operation Blessing

UNITED STATES – As a married couple, Brenda and Ben know what it means to love and to be loved. They understand that love is patient, kind, and not boastful. They know what it means to cherish and support one another through thick and thin. Until recently, they had not known the ordeal of Americans facing hunger due to circumstances beyond their control

But, in their time of need, Ben and Brenda experienced one of the greatest examples of love. The kind that is shown by friends like you, who selflessly extend a helping hand to Americans facing hunger. Your generosity became a beacon of hope in their darkest times.

overcoming hunger and hard times

Brenda’s health had been on the decline for a number of years when she was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure and needed a transplant. This devastating news put a huge strain on the couple emotionally and financially. Then, just when it seemed the darkness might overtake them, the support of compassionate partners like you became a bright ray that pierced that darkness, giving them hope that everything would be okay.

Providing Food for Americans Facing Hunger and Hard Times

“Operation Blessing and the food was one of the first signs of hope,” said Ben. “Seeing that we were able to load up our car full of food and put all that food on the table and look at it—the manifestation of God’s blessing.”

The food Ben and Brenda received was of high quality and met Brenda’s strict dietary restrictions and also alleviated the strain on their wallets.

domestic hunger relief charity

“Operation Blessing was there for us when we needed it,” said Ben. “We needed a sign of hope. Operation Blessing gave us that. It gave us that in a time in our lives that we needed to see a little light in the darkness.”

As their circumstances began to turn around, Brenda was blessed to receive a healthy new kidney after only 10 months, despite the average wait often being five years long.

“It’s overwhelming sometimes because I think back to where I came from or where Brenda came from, and it’s an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I wake up with in the morning,” Ben shared. “It almost seemed surreal at times. … The sun is out, the day is good. She’s able to walk and move around. She has her independence back. It’s a heart of gratitude that I have.”

Ben and Brenda are grateful for the outpouring of support from Operation Blessing and our community of friends like you who continue to share such amazing love.

overcoming hunger

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