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Answered Prayers for Desperate Flood Victim in Louisiana

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA — “You’re not going to believe this” Cheri Levine said to her sister over the phone. “They’re coming to help me today!”

Cheri Levine is a long-time resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana. A TSA agent, Cheri lives alone in her home along with her dogs and cats. Because of Hurricanes Laura and Delta, her home had already suffered from structural damage from the roof down. And now, the floods damaged her home from the ground up. Faced by months-long waitlists for contractors, Cheri had no idea what she was going to do. “I was just sitting there praying.” she said. “And that’s when you walked up.”

Thanks to your incredible generosity, Operation Blessing showed up just when Cheri needed help the most. Your love provided a desperate flood victim like Cheri with the relief she needed at her most vulnerable hour. Because of you, Operation Blessing staff and volunteers helped Cheri tear out rotten panels, soggy insulation, and water-logged furniture. “I could never do what they’re doing.” she said. “And I just wanna say, from my heart, thank you!”

None of this would be possible without your support to help a desperate flood victim like Cheri. Thank you for your amazing generosity as we continue to bring relief to victims of the Louisiana floods. To learn more, visit

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