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Blessings Magazine December 2023

Your love in sending joy to the world!

Your love is sending joy to the world! Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing was able to bring love and joy to victims in Hawaii after deadly wildfires destroyed an entire community on the island of Maui.   

Also in this issue: 

  • Happenings – Catch up with the goings-on at Operation Blessing! 
  • You Are Remaking Their World – Helping a family in Peru beat the odds
  • Bringing Joy through Surgery – Friends like you changed the story of one family in India
  • Disaster and Crisis Relief Made Possible by You in 2023! – You have blessed thousands following catastrophes
  • Food, Dignity, and Hope After an Earthquake – How you helped Moroccan families begin restoration
  • Joy Overflows from Clean Water – Children no longer cry because of dirty water in Mexico

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