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Blessings Magazine November 2023

Abundant blessings because of YOU

So many have abundant blessings because of YOU! Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing was able to bless a single mother in West Virginia with the gift of food.

Also in this issue: 

  • Happenings–Catch up with the goings-on at Operation Blessing! 
  • Hopeful New Beginnings After Tragic Earthquakes–Rebuilding hope out of the rubble, thanks to you.
  • Celebrating 45 Years of an Operation to Bless the World!–You have helped us reach millions.
  • Rescued from Blindness: Soniya’s Story–How friends like you restored an 18-year-old’s sight.
  • Abundant Blessings After Idalia–You sent vital help and supplies to Florida residents in was wake of a hurricane.
  • The Taste of Freedom–You released a hardworking woman in Kenya from the burden of gathering dirty water.

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