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Blessings Magazine October 2023

You are Rewriting Stories with Hope…

You are rewriting stories with hope! Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing was able to provide a much-needed medical care and clean water to communities in Mexico.

Also in this issue: 

  • Happenings – Catch up with the goings-on at Operation Blessing! 
  • Hope on the Horizon in Hawaii – You sent vital relief to survivors of the Maui wildfires.
  • You Lifted a Mother’s Burden in Kenya – Rose is healthy and blooming today because of you!
  • Mushroom Farm Yields Income and Independence – You’re helping Thai families become self-sufficient.
  • Your Compassion Brings Hope to Tornado-Stricken Texans – How you helped a town recover in the Lone Star State
  • Celebrating World Food Day – You give hope on World Food Day and all year long!

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