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Bringing Tornado Relief to Ohio

Field Report by Operation Blessing

OHIO – A powerful storm system spawned deadly tornadoes that ravaged communities across the Midwest, especially in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The twisters left a path of destruction, claiming lives and damaging homes, businesses, and an RV park. After all they’ve been through, families in Ohio need our help.

Team Deployed to Hard-Hit Ohio

Operation Blessing immediately deployed to Wapakoneta, Ohio, one of the areas heavily impacted by the tornadoes. Our disaster relief team is on the ground, facilitating tornado relief to Ohio by providing immediate supplies for those in desperate need. Our mobile kitchen is also there, serving hot meals to residents struggling in the aftermath.

Many homes and businesses were severely damaged or destroyed, leaving families without basic necessities. Closed establishments and widespread power outages have made it extremely difficult for people to access food, water, and other critical supplies.

Assessing Widespread Damage

The recent storm system proved devastating for the Indian Lake area in Ohio’s Logan County. At least three people lost their lives in the state, with dozens more injured. An entire mobile home park was leveled, and multiple buildings suffered catastrophic damage including shattered windows, partially ripped-off roofs, and punctured walls.

To help, we’ve hosted a community cleanup day where we coordinated volunteers to remove debris and downed trees, bringing some sense of restoration to the ravaged region. Our teams also continue to assess damages to determine the best way we can bring tornado relief to Ohio and focus on areas of greatest need.

Housing Homeless Families

With many families now made temporarily homeless by the destruction of their property, the relief team has also seen a unique need we can meet. We determined which families were most in need of assistance in partnership with our partner Wapak Church and will be providing them with temporary lodging in local establishments. We intend to give them 30 days of relief through this effort. Together, we can help hurting families have a save space to plan for an uncertain future!

Friends Like YOU Can Help!

In the wake of such widespread devastation, the affected Ohio communities face tremendous challenges. But they don’t have to go through this alone.

Your generous support allowed Operation Blessing to be there from the very start with emergency relief supplies and hot meals. As the recovery efforts continue, we’ll be there to share your love with hurting families in their time of need.

Thank you for your compassionate heart. Please remember to pray for those who are suffering after this tragic event.

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