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A Burden Lifted

Field Report by Operation Blessing

INDIA – The sun had barely risen above the horizon, and Moso was already on her feet. She didn’t have a choice. There just wasn’t enough time in a day for everything she needed to accomplish. She had kids to feed—five of them—and it was up to her to provide. Her husband’s battle with tuberculosis was keeping him down, so he couldn’t do anything to help. And his aging parents living with the family only increased the burdens Moso carried. Her load was getting heavy. And then there was the burden of water.

The Burden Of Safe Water

Everything in their life required water at some point, and the only available source near their forest village of Bondabra was over a mile away by foot. The burden of water or the need to get safe water, impacted every area of Moso’s life. To gather water to cook dinner, Moso had to walk for an hour. To help any of her five children bathe, she had to walk an hour. To get anyone, man or beast, a drink—including the two animals she used to farm her land and make their meager living—it was another hour of backbreaking work. And the water wasn’t even safe when she got it from the river.

Perhaps the worst part was the inner conflict. Everyone needed her, and Moso had to leave them to go fetch the water—often at inconvenient times and under dangerous conditions—but if she didn’t, no one in her family would survive. She desperately needed the help of friends like you to provide usable safe water. Without it, it was only a matter of time before one of her burdens crushed her.

Thankfully, there are kind and compassionate people out there who care about the Mosos of the world— people like you. And these generous friends sent Operation Blessing to Bondabra to solve the clean water crisis—not just for Moso’s family, but for the entire community.

Today, there is a safe water source in place in her community, offering fresh, clean water to Moso and her children. Now, she can lay aside the burden of the constant need for water and focus on caring for the people she loves. Her whole village is experiencing the same blessings, and they will for a long time to come— thanks to generous support from Operation Blessing partners like you. Learn more about how you are changing lives through clean water programs around the world.

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