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Caring For Beirut Explosion Victims

Field Report by Operation Blessing

May Lee Melki moved to the United States from Lebanon just one week before the explosion in Beirut. She watched in horror as a city she has a heart for was devastated by this unforeseen crisis. May Lee’s family founded Heart for Lebanon in 2006. This organization was created to “move people from despair to hope and has always responded in times of crisis,” May Lee said. Operation Blessing is partnering with Heart For Lebanon to bring hope to families affected by this tragedy.

Now the organization is focusing on disaster relief for churches and places of worship in the epicenter of the explosion. Volunteers are clearing debris and fixing up these buildings to serve as shelters for those who have been displaced.

Hear May Lee discuss how Heart for Lebanon is caring for the Beirut community during their desperate time of need. Please keep the victims of the Beirut explosion in your prayers, and consider giving a special gift to help disaster victims today!

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