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CBN News Update – Operation Blessing Response to Typhoon Rai in the Philippines

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PHILIPPINES – Super Typhoon Rai has devastated parts of the Philippines. Tens of thousands of people have been deeply affected by the storm. The torrential rains and heavy winds tore homes to the ground, and destroyed local businesses.

Ermalyn and Milandro, victims of the storm, were thankfully unharmed. But their house was destroyed. Milandro supports the family by selling coconuts, but the storm wiped out all the coconut trees. The couple had nowhere to turn. Their story is similar to that of the thousands of people affected by Typhoon Rai.

But thanks to you, help came to those in desperate need in the Philippines! Your support made it possible for Operation Blessing to jump into action. Operation Blessing staff partnered with local government to bring critical relief items to victims of the storm. Food, sleeping mats, and blankets were distributed to survivors. “Thank you for the rice and canned goods,” said Ermalyn. “This is really a big help because my husband does not have work, and our children need food.”

The survivors of Super Typhoon Rai are still in desperate need of help. To get involved bringing relief to those affected by disaster, visit

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