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Celebrating 100 Supply Trucks to Ukraine

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Ukraine – Today we’re celebrating 100 supply trucks to Ukraine! Because of your generosity, we have reached this very special milestone in blessing the people of this war-torn nation.

Since the war started, friends like you have enabled us to bring thousands of tons of food and hygiene supplies to needy communities inside Ukraine. You’ve also helped us provide fuel to heat homes in the frigid winter and love and care to Ukrainian refugees in Poland as well.

Celebrating Your Love!

As we celebrate sending 100 supply trucks into Ukraine, we would like to thank you on behalf of every person and family who received the food and relief that you so kindly provided.

Thank you for your love and your ongoing support of the work of Operation Blessing, particularly during the winter months.

Your gifts are helping families prepare hot meals during the cold Ukrainian winter. Merry Christmas! To make a gift and help more families, visit today!

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